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1). When 2 Chart of currency far from each other more than 0.1% at that time I want to buy one currency & sale other currency. 2). All positions will close when overall profit (all currency) is more than 2%. Things I can change accordingly? 1). Currency diffrence (0.1%). 2). Currency Pair. 3). Profit ratio like (2%)
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MQL5 Indicators Strategy modules
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The SkothenFx 2.0 mt5 automated robot, also known as V2.0, is an advanced version of the Forex trading robot designed to automate trading activities on the MetaTrader 5 platform. V2.0 incorporates enhanced features and improvements to optimize profit opportunities and minimize potential risks for users. With its user-friendly interface, V2.0 allows traders to easily navigate through various settings and
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Hi! We need ai robot that make auto trades in our classified entries sl and tp points. Robot will take entry auto when it creates a signal buy in 15m also entry of sell when it create a sell signal. If you want more info about this then goto tradingview.com and add the indicator ut bot alert and check it after inserting the input value 1 and 2 in 15m
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Hey Greetings Am in need of Tradingview Developers that can help me to optimization of my existing Tradingview Strategy or that can create a program/software that can be use to optimize TV strategy. Thanks Kindly bid for this job if it is what you can do for me. Any advise or suggestion is also welcome
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Please experienced programmer (ONLY). 2 people have tried and failed cos they don't have the experience needed for it. Please don't waste my time and your time. Read the details carefully. I have Currency Strength indicator that I want to be converted to Expert Advisor with kind of martingale strategy but no more than 1 trades (1 layer). And No opposite trade. (No Hedging) All the indicator features must be visible
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Range Breakout Buy Stop and Sell Stop. Pair: XAUUSD. (Provide Input to change the pair as needed or make it so I can drop the EA on any forex pair in MT5 and the EA must work as per intended logic discussed below. Time Range: 3 Pm – 12 AM. (Provide Input for Range Start time and Input for Range End time). Time provided here is just for example and better understanding. Buffer: 10 Pips. (Provide Input for Buffer pips
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Hello , I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out because I am in need of a skilled developer who can assist me in converting a thinkscript indicator into a format compatible with MetaTrader 5 (MT5). The indicator in question is currently implemented in think Script, thinkorswim scripting language, and I would like to leverage its functionality on the MT5 platform. The conversion process involves
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Hello 👋 i have a new custom indicator for NT 8, i want to automate it to create orders, I'm looking for great developer that can do it. I will be expecting your response
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I have a trading bot that i just want to add an addition way to close the open trades... I need any open trade to close when it hits an RSI level... for example if it is a SELL position that is open then it would close the trade when the rsi level is 25, if it is a BUY trade that is open then the trade will close at rsi level of 75. The bot works perfectly as is, i just want this additional close method
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The indicator should be developed like the London trading session and New York trading session breakout indicator. The bottom line is that the entire bars before the London session opens should be inside the box. The lines should stop moving up and down once London session opens. But continue stretching forward straight until New York session close. I have examples of the similar indicators. Please only apply if you
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hi Need to add the exit rule to this EA Exit rule Need to add an input - time filter - when the arrow/signal appears in this time frame existing trades should be closed. After that EA work as it is For eg : EA trading in 1 hour time frame. In the input of EA we will give 15M TF ( or other time frame as per the input ). When the opposite signal appears in the input time frame the existing trade in that pair will be
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