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HPCS_MT5_Divergence_Indi V10 (persönlicher Auftrag)
75+ USD
Hello Sir,   attached my data for the 3rd order. Working on the indicator HPCS_MT5_Divergence_IndiV10 1.) Work 1: Inserting an option to define value B (RSI). When entering aPoint B variable, the value of RSI point B may only be between the last value pointA RSI and the last value point A RSI - the variable. see picture 1 2.) Work 2: Inserting an option to search for a "hiddendivegence" see picture 2 3.) Work...
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Indikatoren Experten 2018.02.19
Modifizierung Expert Advisor (persönlicher Auftrag)
40+ USD
My new ideas: * I need a switch for delete my selection of pivot points if the day changes.      example for setting:    delete the PP-choice if the day changes: true/false * For every PP i will choose the behavior seperate.    example:     Daily R1: true/false    setting: only inverse/only regular / both sides * i need  extra horizontal lines wich i can draw in the chart for trading. may i draw a horizontal line...
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Indikatoren Experten 2018.02.15
30 - 50 USD
Hello I am looking for EA  1.where I can enter indicators in the settings 2.if all have the same color it should give a push notification (Mail - Message - Sound) is that possible ? or a custom indicator must be programmed ? regards boomfactory
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Indikatoren Experten 2018.02.06