Importing Custom Symbol Configuration - is it possible to import the formula?


Is it possible to import a custom symbol's formula from json (all the other necessary fields are working in the import, but not the formula).

I am attempting to create numerous custom / synthetic symbols.  My goal is to generate the custom symbols in my platform via import of the json configs and then have mt5 generate m1 history for those symbols. 

For example, I want to make XAU/EUR by crossing XAU/USD with EUR/USD.  The broker's symbols have a suffix, let's call it ".abc"  
So the formula for calculating the rates is:  
The symbols must be quotes like that because of the . between the symbol name and the suffix abc.
That formula works and I can generate historic chart bars and receive new ticks.  

If I enter that formula manually and export the symbol's configuration, the formula entry in the json data is:
"Formula" : "\"\"\/\"\""  
If I then try to import the exact file I just exported, the Formula is empty after the import.   I do not see any errors in my journal.

Before I waste anymore time trying to import this field from a  .json config file, is it even possible?  I have heard it works from mql, but haven't found much about importing these json config files, and where I have found anything, there was no mention of the formula field.  I would prefer to import the symbol's config from the json file, and not have to use mql, if possible.

I dont understand, why you not creating the custom symbol in mt5 direct?
amando #:
I dont understand, why you not creating the custom symbol in mt5 direct?

By "in mt5 direct" do you mean manually clicking each field and updating it to the values I need? That would take far too long as I want to create alot of symbols.  I would make mistakes manually entering that much information.

MT5's custom symbol dialogue has buttons for import / export of the custom symbol configuration (not the chart bars, it has that too, but I want MT5 to make the m1 history for me).  The import button is right there when one creates a symbol.  

The article you link to even shows the import button and mentions it briefly.  When I use the import, everything imports correctly - except the "formula" which is fairly important.   I hoped someone here might have figured out how to do that import from the config file (or even  know for sure that it cannot be done).

I can do this from mql if it comes to that, but I'd rather just import these configs - so I wonder if the field isn't supported in import or if there is a way to make it work that I've missed.

I do see someone else had this problem in 2019 with build 2006:

But I don't see any reply there.  Any ideas?  (the thread is more about indicators, but one of the comments is my problem).
Build 2006 Problems
Build 2006 Problems
  • 2019.02.25
The following indicators don't work properly - either won't draw at all or draw incorrectly...
Seems an MT5 bug. I reported it on Russian forum.