E&A Standard Trading System


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I have developed a simple trading system that I call the E&A Standard. It works on any currency (I prefer low pip spread currencies for obvious reasons) and any time frame (Though any time frame less than 5M is not recommended). It uses SSL Channels and ADX Crosses. When the Indicators agree for a buy or sell trade, the price movement is usually between 10 and 50 pips, sometimes more, depending on market conditions. Though this is an easy system to trade with, it requires too much "screen time", and would benefit greatly from mechanized entry and exits. This system has no exit points and relies heavily on TP and Trailing Stops. Seeing as how I don't have the adequate skills necessary to code an Expert Advisor, I'm reaching out to the community for some much needed help. The trading system is as follows:

Buy signals:

1.If a blue arrow is indicated and the green line crosses the red line from bottom to top after the arrow is indicated but

before the 3rd bar from the arrow is printed.

2.If the green line crosses the red line from bottom to top and a blue arrow is indicated before the third bar from the cross

is printed.

optional buy:

If the blue arrow is indicated while the green line is above the red line.

Sell signals:

1. If the red arrow is indicated and the red line crosses the green from bottom to top after the arrow is indicated but

before the 3rd bar from the arrow is printed.

2. If the red line crosses the green line from bottom to top and the red arrow is indicated before the third bar from the

cross is printed.

Optional sell:

If the red arrow is indicated while the red line is above the green line.

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Thanks to void for the non-repainting version of ADXcrosses


Check Post #31 for the MTF version of this system .


Check post #38 for the EAS Visual Trade Station

Below I have included the EAS VST zip which has all of the indicators and a template to set it all up.


I have uploaded the latest version of EAS Signals v0.03b. I will continue to post updates on this post as well

EDIT: Uploaded EAS Signals v0.04b (alerts)


Are you using defaul settings on the indis? I can't get my chart to look quite like yours. Can you post a template please. Thank you.



Thanks for the interest this system. I am using the default settings on a 5M chart. Attached is the template you asked for. I hope this helps you.



Thanks for sharing your system! It looks pretty good! :-)

Anyone able to create an EA for this system??


Have you traded this live?

What timeframe do you personally trade this with?

Thanks for sharing


And more importantly how long have you been trading this live and what % gains have you made? What was your maximum drawdown and during what period?

Most EA developers are busy people and you'd have to get really lucky and find a competent novice who's looking for a project or offer MUCH more information to attract an experienced coder.

Good luck




Since I trade this system manually, I prefer a 5M chart. I have not traded this system in a live environment, but this system is 6 months in the making and has performed admirably. To be frank, I have not traded any system in a live environment due to the fact that I still consider myself a "newbie". Before risking a cent of my hard earned money, I want to make sure beyond any reasonable doubt that I can make money trading. And I believe that it is possible with this system. Let me know if you need any more information.


As I stated above, I have not traded in a live environment, due to the above mentioned reasons. I have not calculated my percentage returns, but I have opened a new demo account just for this system. I started with $5,000 and I'm up to about $28,000 over the past 10 weeks, you do the math. As far as the max drawdown goes, I do not concern my self with that due to the fact that my trailing stops take care of that. The way I currently trade this system it is more closely related to "scalping". But if this system was developed into and EA it would facilitate long term trades.

I realize that the people with the skills necessary to code this are by nature very busy people, as are the rest of us. That is why I have been talking to several different c++ programers. I am currently negotiating project prices. If I pay to have this system developed, I intend to share it with the community that has helped me so much. My primary intent was not to create this thread in the hopes that someone would code this system. It was more of an act of sharing and if anyone wanted to contribute, so be it. If not, no harm no foul.

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change adx cross

this one- ADXcrosses.mq4 (3.4 KB,- cheating(repaints),future bar

b4plusdi = iADX(NULL, 0, ADXcrossesPeriod, PRICE_CLOSE, MODE_PLUSDI,i - 1);



There are choppy areas, this system is far from perfect, but to avoid this, I typically only trade when two markets are active, Sydney and Tokyo. If my indicators are not providing "clean" entry points I switch to a higher timeframe. I stick mainly to EUR/YEN, USD/YEN, and GBP/YEN. Any given trade is between 2% and 5%, depending on market conditions.


Thanks for your interest! I will be testing out your modification.