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Looking at that indicator, it uses an additional buffer that would be needed for 4 bars. I tried to code around it, but it was nessecary. It can be coded correctly (as the ForexFreedom bars were). With the time spent on it already, I spent a small amount of time doing it the alternative way, but I'll leave it to someone with more time.

For now you can at least get the look of 4 tf bars, load 4 instances in one window, set

SSL_BarLevel to different increments. In my screenshot, they are in 15s.

At the bottom, change Timeframe. In my screenshot, each Timeframe higher.

It isn't the best fix, but certainly the easiest

4bar_ssl.jpg  31 kb

EAS Visual Trade Station

The system has made yet another evolutionary jump! I have set up this system in such a way that you can quickly glance through your charts to look for a potential buy or sell setup.

This system is for a M5 chart. For the typical buy set up all of the bars on the Forex Freedom indicator (MTF CCI) will be blue except the M5. On the SSL indicator, all of the bars will be green except for the M5. Now you are looking for an ADX blue arrow to appear on the screen. If the DIGIADX, DIGIRSI, and DIGISTOCH agree, place an order. The inverse applies for a sell set up. The optional buy/sell signals are still valid so long as all of the SSL bars are the same color. The RCI is set up on the chart for quick visual confirmation of the trend. There is a whole other set of buy/sell setups that apply to the wave, but this system isn't really set up for it. If you are interested, Google Raghee Horner RCI.

Many thanks to the TSD forum, the mql4.com Codebase, codobro, void, robp, fxbs, and IN10NTION.

Many Thanks to All,


P.S. Included below is a zip file containing all of the indicators and a template file to set it all up .



please, next time upload the pictures to forum to avoid them get lost




I appreciate your time.Thanks for the work around .

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So... I have added DIGIRSI, Pivot Points and I integrated the RCI so I don't have to flip to another chart. Here is the latest incarnation of my system:

I like this system as it is, but the only thing that I would change is the SSL bars. I think it would be beneficial to have the SSL bars set up like the Forex Freedom indicator. I'll hop over to the MTF thread and see what their thoughts are.

digirsi.mq4  17 kb
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Things happen fast. I now have an all MTF system.

I also check my trades against Raghee Horners RCI also known as the Wave. It's three EMAs set at 34 for High, Low and Close.

Everyone let me know what you think!




Thanks for the EA . I will backtest the EA and optimize it for the included features.

Kenny Rogers,

I'm sorry, I don't follow what you are asking. T?


I wouldn't recommend trading this EA in a live environment in its current state. Instead try this variation of my system using the ADXcrossesNon-repainting, and Forex Freedom (MTF CCI) on a H1 chart.

Trading this way I get between 10 and 30 pips a trade. But sometimes I endure some moderate draw down. Also try M30. Let me know what everyone thinks of this.

Next in line for this system is a MTF version of the SSL


newsys.gif  17 kb

This is the original:

This is the mod:


When the market opens, I will be trying this modification. Thanks.


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eamod.gif  25 kb


Sorry about that . By the way, I don't suppose they have a native version of MT4 for linux, do they? Or is Wine the only option?



Sorry about that . By the way, I don't suppose they have a native version of MT4 for linux, do they? Or is Wine the only option?


No problem buddy. It's fixed now.

Lot of people wish the same but they don't have and no plans about. Go with wine till you're drunk.

PD. It's a joke. Wine = wine. You know...