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thanks for sharing inicator


Here is a picture of what I am talking about. This is a 15min chart. The mtf indicator is setup to show a 30 min DMI with setting of 14. So the EA would be great if it had a trailing stop feature or maybe a move to break even after a certain point. The strategy catches big moves but also gets faked out a lot. So a hard stop loss would hopefully negate some of the fake outs and be overcome by the big moves for gains.

Anyway there is a lot of forward testing on different time frames and different dmi settings that needs to be done to find optimal settings. That's where the EA would help a lot.

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MTF DMI Malfunction

Thanks for sharing MTF DMI, however It works fine on 2 of my computers but when I load it on my third machine it will only show one colour and not function correctly. It use the same platform as the one on my other computer that works fine, would anybody have any ideas why this should happen, regards Jonmem



I like that you guys are keeping this going.



hello folks, i have creatd an EA for EAS Signals v 0.04b, it can buy or sell, when arrow appears with some settings.

I need to add some filter to this system - with some backtesting, it seems that ind with name Trend Magic can do this job.

Is there any coder, who can add this filter to the EAS indicator, or to the EA??? i need only tu BUY when Trend Magic is blue and SELL when red


Why threads run dry....

I lurk, I download indies to test as I'm curious at heart and mind, I mainly stay out of forum crap as I'm trading but sometimes you need to say something: some of you have been on such a good path and have shown enough initiative to break through the FX dead zone, think MTF but not always indicator or the likes. Some senior members need to live a bit and ease up near XMas, we are all imperfect, some just got given better ideas, don't push people around you down so you can look better...NO more will be said about this. You can be rich or poor, a bad fx trader will lose money so when people tell you to UNDERSTAND why the market moves and WHY we trade the way we do you may need to sit up, don't trust me or anyone on this forum to make it for you, YOU need to make it for YOU. So go and LEARN, then learn some more, spend 100's of hours on your charts, get a feel for the flow of markets, then decide how you're going to tackle this WONDERFUL world we call forex. Don't give up, EVER!!!!!


Nice To Be Back

I would like to take a moment to thank all of the support threw this thread, its been a while, but I have started talking to MAC a little and I think we are passably coming back to TSD, and its also nice to see that our thread has been going for a while, it took me just a bit to get used to this new way on this forum but we are hopefully back and hopefully we can make the E&A Standard work for you guys...



Hello All, Sorry I haven't posted on the thread in a while. I have been very busy . First of all, thanks to everyone for all of the feedback, it has really been helpful. Second, I have been doing some modifications to the system in repsonse to everyone's concern. My first modification to the system is to the ADX. I have coded a signal, that I call Wilder's DMI Signals, based on an indicator that apparently follows the original Wilder rules coded mladen. This is the first in a series of modifications that I am currently coding/researching. Please let me know what you think, -DREWP

Have You ever try to run Wilder's DMI Signals.mq4 on mt build 670? I would like but mt4 hangs out everytime. No errors in compilation.

Have You ever try to run Wilder's DMI Signals.mq4 on mt build 670? I would like but mt4 hangs out everytime. No errors in compilation.

Those two can not be compiled with new metatrader 4 due to new mql changes.

These two can (both needed for the "signals" to work)





Can any one please help me with DMI indicator for MT4.

I could find it for MT5 but not MT4.

Thanks in Advance.