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Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

EAs, part #19

RSI_EA_v1 EA coded by fussionjammerz with the help of Igorad is here.

BBExpert_v1 is here: EA, backtesting results, settings.

FXGuy2000. Original thread is here.

- version #1 is here.

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

EAs, part #3


- Scalp_net - EA with the settings.

- Scalp_net - EA's indicators and template (for manual trading only because this EA does not need any custom indicator).

- Scalp_net_v1.2 and Scalp_net_v1.2 for mini account are here. This version is identical with Scalp_net but may work together with any EA.

- Scalp_net_v1.3 EA and Scalp_net_v1.3 EA for mini account with preset file are here. Now we can select number of orders per chart. It was one order per chart in v1 and v1.2. It means that new order will not open untill old one will be closed. With the version 1.3 we may select the number of the orders.

- Scalp_net_v1.3 with timefilter and Scalp_net_v1.3 with timefilter for mini account are here. And see the statement.

- Scalp_net_v1.3.3_tf5d EA is on this post. It should work on any broker including IBFX, has auto magic number, the time filter and we can choose to use hedge or no hedge.

- Scalp_net_v1.5 and and same version for mini account with the settings posted here. More advanced version working with 4/5 digit broker and with 0.1/0.01 lot size is on this post.

- Scalp_net_v1.5 with timefilter and same version with timefilter for mini account is here. Don't forget to use indicator and pre-set files from this post.

- Scalp_net_v1.5 for 5 digit broker with indicator converted fr 5 digit as well is on this post.

- Scalp_net_v1.3sl and Scalp_net_v1.3sl for mini account were coded by Igorad according to request: Parabolic SAR is used as Trailing Stop, some people suggested H1 timeframe for this Scalp_net_v1.3sl EA, and some testing results.

- How to select the version (almost all the versions' explanation). And please read Scalp_net thread also.

- New modification of ScalpNet 1.3 TF and same modification for mini account according to stevenmclachlan idea are here: trailing stop applies outside of the specificied trading hours.

- Turbo Scalp net v2.3sar and same version for mini account: new modification from mrtools. This version is the combination of Combined Scalp_net_1.3sl and Scalp_net_1.5 with all the indicators changed to turbo versions and MM codes are the same as in to Predator EA. M5 timeframe is preferable.

- Turbo Scalp net v2.3sar ECN is on this post.

- Turbo Scalp net v2.3sar ECN noHedge is on this post.

- Scalp_net_1.3.3_tf EA from bagoomba: EA, template and pre-set file is on this post. Fixed version of this EA is on this post: covers 4/5 digit brokers (it adapts to 4/5 digit brokers automatically), it also has one additional option : ecnBroker. If your broker is an ECN/STP broker than it does not allow placing stop loss and take profit at the same time with order opening so the stop loss and take profit must be handled separately.

- Scalp_net 1.3 indicator was created - ScalpNetEvaluator. It is based on the code in the v1.3 EA. It essentially plots 4 bars- each corresponding to one of the entry criteria of the EA.

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

EAs, part #20

Economic Calendar EA by Roets. The thread is here.

TimeBreakExpert_v1: idea development thread and this one as well:

- version #1 is here.

- version #1.1 is here.


1. How to create forex calendar is here;

2. How to create signals or signals calendar is here;

3. How to make it public, private or commercial is here;

4. News indicators are here;

5. SignalTrader EAs are here;

6. News Trader:

- original thread. Look at the first post.

- some other links with other news EAs/indicators.

7. SignalSender indicator (how to create/update your calendar atomatically directly from your Metatrader) is here;

8. ScheduleTrader EA is here.

Straddle&Trail EA: original thread, EA download.

WNV EA: this EA buys and/or sells at a certain time of day.

TimeBasedEA: buy and sell specific currency pair at specific time is here (many versions).

EA Switcher: EA sjould estimate different market condition and manage other EAs by switching on/off, besides it should generate the signals and so on. Elite section thread. Still under development.

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

EAs, part #37

Kaufman AMA break out EA

- Original thread is here.

- desription of the system is here.

- description of the parameters is on this post.

- the settings for 0.11 and older versions - this post.

- latest version of the EA to download is here.


Dss Ichi_EA is on this post. This EA is using is Ichimoku multi time frame with the Double smooth stochastic, for the Ichimoku time frame control the Ea is using tf and tf2.

RSI+Allig+MA EA is on this post.

Steady-EA is on this post. It is a combination of candle patterns with a stochastic filter and pivot points as well.

Pearson Pivot EA is on this post. It is based on the first Pearson system.

Pivot Stochastic v1.2 EA is on this post.

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

EAs, part #25

Stoch EAs:

-StepStochCross EA. Elite section thread is here.

- Advice EA-Stoc Guru: public thread.

- StochEA v0.1: original thread.

- Stochastic Oscillator: public thread with everything.

Predator EA:

- original thread is here.

- the settings for EURUSD M15 with InitialStop=96 and ReverseCondition=1 is on this post.

- The settings/timeframe which I am using for forward testing: this post.

FrBestExp02_7_maloma_mod: fractal EA (translated version), description is on the thread.

Farhad_Hill EA:

- some versions: the thread.

- Farhad Hill v2 is on this thread.

Fozzy system:

- indicator,

- new indicator for this system is on this post.

- EA,

- elite section thread,

- backtesting results and settings,

- new settings of the EA.

- Fozzy trading manually on D1 tmeframe: indicator, templates and trading rules with forward testing results - this page.

- first mod of Fozzy EA is on this post. This version is using the rsima bands indicator instead of BB RSI MA. Added the ma filter and ma close feature as well as the Ecn, extra digit, auto magic, noHedge, any SymbolsPrefix and any SymbolsSuffix options.

Pip Boxer EA:

- elite section thread is here;

- new v2.0 version with pdf instruction is here. Thanks mrtools.

MasterMartingale EA: elite section thread with many versions, testing results and so on.

TFX EA: good and very advanced martingale EA.

Frank_ud EA:

- Original version: EA attached for 4 main pairs and for GBPJPY.

- All the links (EAs, settings, pairs and so on) are on this post.

- Frank_mod's recommended capital (for 4 pairs): this post.

- modified version: time filter + baseLots variable (to set cycle starting lot size) is on this post with the settings.

- Frank_Mod_Margin EA: next version is to allow to open new positions only when the Free Margin is at least 75% of the account Balance. This way we should be limiting the number of open orders.

- what is the difference between Frank_mod EA (with timefilter) and Frank_Mod_Margin EA (with Margin filter): this post.

- Frank_Close EA: closing all open positions, before directional moves may deplete our margin.

Phoenix EAs section.

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

EAs, part #26

BrainTrading EAs:

- BrainExpert EA. Elite section thread is here.

- BrainTrendEA_v2.2: public thread.

- BrainExpert_v3 EA is on this post. It is updated version of BrainExpert_v2 EA: Added 5 digit capability and micro mini account(.01) capability to Braintrend_v2 and added Fractal dimension Ehlers for confirmation.

- BrainTrading Semi-Manual EA for M30 timeframe system - first few posts on this thread.

- New BrainTrend1 indicators (4 indicators) were improved here for this BrainTrading Semi-Manual EA's system. It was made a code cleanup and added a jurik mod idea.

- Brain Trend Ea._v4 is on this post. This is Brain trader v4 its using Tm smooth brain signal with options of using jurik itrend and ma filter, it will work on ecn brokers now. Also has an option to use volty trailing stop.

Hans123 EA

- by Milan and slightly modified by Igorad is here;

- good public thread about this EA is here.

100 pips EA:

- 100 pips EA thread with many versions, improvements and ideas.

- 100_pips slope EA is on this post. The Ea will work on any broker of including ecn and brokers with extra letter in their pairs names. You need to put TimeGmt in experts/include folder and Hull variant slope in indicators folder for the work. It instantly opened orders, the max orders controls the amount of orders, it places, the slope is from hull variant slope indicator, would recommend using it maybe 1 timeframe greater than the ma's.

- 100_pips slope_v1 EA is on this post.

Big Profit Without Using Any Indicator System:

- original thread is here with good discusion, pdf instructions, EAs, rules to trade and trading statements;

- V1andV2 Hedged EA is on this thread (many versions; most recent version is here);

- Blessing EA: orginal thread; Blessing_2_MQLCoder_2.9 EA, settings; latest Blessing EA documentation, settings and the EA is on this post; 5th version (Blessing v5.0) is on this post; latest Blessing 2 v5.2 version is on this post.

- Bless.FifthE.TK EA: elite section thread.

- Anti-Martingale: elite section thread.

- Anti-Martingale Hedge System: good public thread.

Blessing 2 v5.2 withStochasticMOD3 is on this post: Fifthelement's EA with Stochastic Indicator and information on Screen for Equity, DD, MaxDD and MaxDD percent.

Thanks to jepm.

Blessing 2 v5.2 withStochasticMOD3.2 is on this post: 2nd confirmation stochastic with time frame parameter as included. Few more display values to the chart (i.e. last open order, lots size).

Blessing 2 v5.2 BBStoch V0.2 is on this post: the version with Locking BE and TrailingStop. Fixed version is on this post.

Blessing 3 EA is on this post.

Neural Network:

1. Discussion:

1.1. Good public discussion thread in analytics section.

1.2. Better NN EA: good discussion thread with some good links.

2. Indicators and systems development:

2.1. Self-trained MA cross!: development thread for new generation of the indicators;

2.2. Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm: development thread.

2.3. Genetic Algorithm: elite section development thread.

2.4. How to build a NN-EA in MT4: some tool to hel the developers to create NN.

3. EAs:

3.1. CyberiaTrader: big public thread and elite section thread.

3.2. GSelector:

- Self learning expert: good pubic thread;

- thread about trades is here;

- elite section thread is here.

3.3 AI EA is on this thread and this one.

3.4. Forex_NN_Expert EA and indicator: original thread.

3.5. PiNNacle - a Neural Network EA is on this thread: you can watch the NN at work calculating the thresholds for you because it is included a small summary in the information panel.

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

EAs, part #7


- Old version (StepMAExpert_v1.1): EA and settings. We will stop testing this old version.

- Modified version (StepMAExpert_v1.1_mod.mq4): EA. Settings are the same.

- New version (StepMAExpert_v1.4.mq4): EA and settings.

- StepMAExpert_v1.45 fixed version, EA with the settings.

- updated StepMAExpert_1.45 - for mini lots and 5 digits brokers is on this post.

- Contest version (StepMAExpert_v1.42) with pre-set files is here. And the settings of this EA: the settings was created for North Finance broker especially but we may use it with almost any broker - i hope.

- StepMAExpert_v1.42 for mini lots: starting with 0.01 lot size - is on this post; StepMAExpert_v1.422 EA: 5/4 digits prices and mini account were fixed.

- StepMAExpert_v1.42 with timefilter is here.

- Please read StepMAExpert_EAs thread for more information.

- Step EAs for IBFX broker default setting is on this post (StepMaExpert_1.42 (for 3 pairs), M30; StepMaExpert_1.42 with timefilter (for 3 pairs), M30; StepMAExpert_v1.1_mod for GBPUSD, H1; StepMAExpert_v1.45 for GBPUSD, M30).

StepMA-EA EA created by anazri and and improved/fixed by Igorad. First version is here. Second (improved and fixed) version is here. This EA is using indicator. Please read StepMAExpert_EAs thread for more information.

StepMa_3D_Ea is on this post. This is EA using StepMA 3D indicator. The Ea should work on all brokers including extra digit and Ecn, added a spread protection feature for news times, the Ea will automatically decide your Magic number if you leave extern bool UseAutoMagic = true, as is.

Step_MA_v7_expert EA is on this post. This is step ma 7 expert, it opens and closes on change of color of step ma v7. Added a break even and step ma trailing stop.

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

EAs, part #29

EAs based on the !xMeter:

- original thread is here (read this thread for instruction, settings and testing results;

- EAs are here.

Hull EAs:

- elite section thread with everything posted on the first post of this thread.

- HMAExpert EAs all the versions are on the first post of this thread (HMA_Expert_v1, HMAExpert_v1.1 together with TesterReport_v1, HMAExpert_v1.2 with TesterReport_v1.1, HMAExpert_v2 with Efficiency indicator as a filter, HMAExpert_v2.1 with fixed FX_Snipers_Ergodic_CCI_Trigger indicator as a filter).

Harmonic section (patterns trading):

- Harmonic section is here;

- Harmonic EA: simpe EA is on this thread.

Simbasystem-gbpusd: manual trading system and MTF EA based on this system (first post of this thread).

Alpha9 EA: very advanced MTF EA with estimated risk of trading is on this thread:

- EA, indicators, settings, pairs, profit factor and explanation from the author are on this page.

- testing pairs, minimum deposit size, MM explanation, some theory base on are on this page.

- setting explanation continuing and forward testing examples are on this page and on this post.

- development theory is on this post.

- all the settings for this EA + pairs/timeframes: this post and the statements for Alpari UK broker (i changed this broker to an other one for testing).

- Alpha9v1.20 EA version for 5 digits pricing broker is on this post.

- Alpha9v1.21 EA version - first dll version of this EA. Explanation is on this page. The settings is on this post.

Electra EA: This EA is a Multi-pair medium/long term Swing Trader. This is a positive Equity System, it mean the the equity remain in the positive side most of the time.

- original thread is here;

- EA, settings, pairs, profit factor and explanation from the author are on this page.

- insufficient money message on the chart: the explanation is on this post, main explanation is on this page, this post and this post, this post, this post.

- my settings/pairs/timeframe: this post and the statement for Alpari UK broker (i changed this broker to an other one for testing).

- Electra v2 version working with MTF Stochastic indicator is on this post.

5 digit pricing broker:

- Electra v1.11a EA: version with 5 digit pricing fix.

- Electra v1.11 5 digits EA - the other version for 5 digit pricing broker.

- Electra v1.11 5 digits EA is the latest fixed version for 5 digits broker.

- Electra v1.14 EA - new version of this EA working with any broker digits/suffixes etc.

- Electra v1.16 EA - new version of this EA (just improved 1.14 version) with corrected potential errors when account margin does not allow trading and automaticMM is turned off, and changed when the "no money" error can occur (and when it is checked).

- Electra v1.16 stochastic - this version is using entries rules as stochastic 15, 30, H1 and H4.

- Electra v1.17 - this version is having many Entry types: "Classical" - the one previous electra versions used, Absolute strength with market condition checking and Stochastic - it is going to enter trades according to stochastic rules some posts ago). It is ECN compatible version. The settings is on this page. More information, links, where to download, settings and so on: read this post.

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

EAs, part #5

Brainwashing EAs.

- EAs with the indicators and settings are here.

- ECN versions of the EAs with the settings are on this post and ECN/5 digit is on this post.

For the people who want to trade manually read this post.

For all the questions please read Brainwashing thread in this elite section. Detailed statements are posted in this Brainwashing thread as well. For the weekly statements and some somments and analysis please read this post from the beginning.

See also this section for more explanation, EAs and settings.

Brainwashing EA with auto iTrend EA

It is the first EA with permanent "optimizing" parameters during the trading. As we know - it is necessary to select the levels of iTrend indicator every week. So, this EA is doing it automatically.

Download: this post and this post.

Brainwashing EA with auto iTrend EA and NonLag iTrend (Brainwashing #2b_nonlag) EA

It is Brainwashing EA with auto iTrend EA with ECN/stp and non-hedge feature with on lag itrend replaced the regular iTrend with this version.

Download: this post and this post.

I_Trend Trend_Display indicator is on this post. This is ITrend used in a multi timeframe type trend display. By default showing m15 to daily timeframes, the strong trend is for buy in blue and sell is red for a strong trend the green or red itrend should be above or equal to the auto level, weak trend identified as either the red or green itrend above 0. the colors are user controlled to your preference. Also there is alerts for however many timeframes you want to be in same direction before entering.

Auto levels ITrend indicator is on this post. This is the auto levels ITrend, its mtf with alerts, by default its set to the way Newdigital had been doing manually the gold dashed line is the level to go by. The alerts should go off when the upper or lower ITrend crosses the gold level.

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

EAs, part #38

TDI_Cross_EA is on this post. This is the TDI indicator with Ea. Its coded to close on trend change.