EAs' files

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Sergey Golubev  

All the EAs are in this section posted already. Each EA is having the thread. Name of this thread is the same with the name of EA. If you want to find Mandarine EA so you need to find the thread namely "Mandarine".

I am posting something here to find it more quickly.

But please all the question about some particular EA please post in the EAs' threads in this section.

All the detailed statements are posted in the EAs thread. Weekly statements are updated with RAS:

- RAS section on the forum is here: RentaSignal Service and Elite Section Discussion - Forex Trading

- RAS elite sectin thread: https://www.forex-tsd.com/forum/exclusive/10164-ras-service

- How to use RAS - public thread: https://www.forex-tsd.com/forum/debates-discussions/10511-rentasignal-service-website-how-to-use-ras

Thus if members want to understand at least something so it is necessary to follow all above mentioned threads/sections/RAS weekly and all the EAs' threads because all the discussion about particular EA with the question is going on on EAs threads only. All the new version will be posted on the EAs thread.

We have discussion thread here.

Besides total leaders EAs from the beginning of forward testing are posted here.

Please find the following:

- all EAs (attached).

- old statements (attached).

- link to download new statements (from the beginning of the testing period) is updating weekly. Now this link is here.

- excel file with all the EAs performance.

For current week only (December 02), download excel statements from https://www.mql5.com/en/forum/173403/page49


Old statements before 21st of June 2009 is on this post.

New statements (after migrating of the Metatraders to new elite servers) - see links above.

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Sergey Golubev  

EAs, part #12

Portfolio section

This section is here:

- thread with new EAs as candidates for portfolio;

- portfolio thread: EAs and settings were posted on the first post of the thread.

Some new EAs with pre-set files and backtesting results were posted here and here.

New thread just started with the data to backtest/optimize the settings of the EAs.

More usefull is this post.

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

EAs, part #17

CyberiaTrader EA is here. And I modified this EA to have 6 filters here.

qq EA.

- Old version is here incl settings and some explanation about this EA and backtesting results. Backtesting results are here.

Old versions had a bug concerning hidden stop loss levels so please find new fixed versions:

- version 2.2 is here: hidden stoploss and takeprofit which works with using of Global Vars. Use the same settings as in old version.

- version 2.3 is here: usual stoploss and takeprofit. Settings are the same as in old version.

- original qq_EA thread for settings explanation is here.

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

EAs, part #2



EURUSD, M15 timeframe.


EURUSD, H1 timeframe.


USDJPY, M15 timeframe.

All the settings are default. but I just changed the lot size to 0.2.

It is the versions I am testing.

Versions with magic numbers.

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

EAs, part #22

VelocityExpert_v1: EA with indicator, idea development thread.

ASCTrend EA:

- AscTrend EA posted long time ago. Did not try yet.

- AsctrendBuySellExpert EA with many versions is here.

LabTrend system:

- elite section thread is here.

- LabTrend indicators is on this post.

- LabTrend template is on this post.

- RSI Histogram indicator is on this post and new version is here.

- LabTrendZigZag_v1.1 with calculation of cycle periods and distance between turning points is on this post.

- LabTrendZigZag_v1.2 is very improved version: this post.

LabTrend EA:

Labtrend EA v1 is on this post.

Labtrend EA v1.1 (improved version) is on this post.

DeltaStopBuySellExpert_v1.5 based on delta-stop indicator and Slope Direction Line indicator is on this pages (this one and this one).

Hedge EAs:

- HedgExpert_v1. Original thread, idea, version #1, version #1.1.

- HedgeEA: good public thread with EAs and instruction in pdf file.

- Hedge: elite section thread with discussion and EAs.

- more hedge links/tools/EAs are on this post.

- EES Hedger - Take the other side of the trade: interesting EA is on the first post of this thead.

- UnequalHedge EA is on this page.

Blockbuster_RSIRound (scalper). Original thread (many versions of EA). Still under development.

Multi Lot Scalper

- Multi Lot Scalp Daily: EA.

- New Multi Lot Scalper: big thread with EAs and discussion.

- ML1 - Multi Lot clone based on SMA filter: good thread with different EAs modifications.

MultixpMA EA: original thread.

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

EAs, part #8

MandarineXL v0.2.

EA and settings. And read this post if you want to trade manually etc.


EA. Settings are here and here.

Mandarine with timefilter is here.

MandarineLagueere EA with timefilter feature for 5 digit broker by mrtools is on this post.

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

EAs, part #24

Cat of Nine Tails - Buy/Sell EA according to the time of the price value if the distance is below/above that price: first post of this thread.

Firebird v0.65

Firebird indicator thread is here.

EA with the settings - bug fixed. Timeframe.

Firebird v0.65 with timefilter is here.

Explanation of the settings is here.

Other versions of Firebird v0.65 are the following:

- Firebird with timefilter;

- with timefilter and without comments "Non-Trading Hours";

- anti-timefilter (EA which is not trading in selected hours);

- anti-timefilter without comments "Non-Trading Hours".

Reversed version (buy/sell changed) is here.

Many Firebird versions are in this public thread.

- Firebird v065tfts: new modification with timefilter according to idea of sa_trader (trailing stop and others apply outside of the specificied trading hours).

- Firebird EA with buy stop an sell stop orders (placing pending orders instead of normal ones) is here.

- big bug in 0.65 version (did not fixed yet). Read this page and this one to understand the bug and why it was not fixed yet.

- Complete Firebird 1.0a with pre-set files, EA and documentation is here. Thanks ANCOLL.

- Firebird v3.2 is here. Some people say that this version is much better than v0.65.

- Firebird v3.2 (5 digits) EA is here - latest bug fixed version for 4/5 digit broker.

RK-Firebird v3.2 ECN(5 digits) is on this post: It is 3.2 version of Firebird modified to use with ECN/stp broker for 5 digit price.

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

EAs, part #31

ISAKAS Systems:

Isakas Kuskus EA: Expert Advisor (EA) based on the Isakas Ashi strategy written by Kuskus Osentogg @ Zeman:

- original thread is on this thread;

- version 1.2 is on this post to download and explanation of 1.2 is on this post.

- 1.21_fixed version: version fixed for backtesting is on this post.

- forward tested version by leeb: EA and testing results.

all Isakas systems created by zeman (many systems for many timeframes) and all systems in zip files are in this post as the attachments.

DIN version 3.0 and Collaboration Dolly + Isakas + Nina System is using Damiani: original threads are here and here.

ISAKAS ashi by Kuskus_Osentogg is here;

Collaboration Dolly + Isakas + Nina System is here.

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

EAs, part #11


EA. Settings are default. Timeframe. Fixed version with timefilter.


- Many modifitations. I tested two modifications - still not profitable. Under development.

- good public thread with many versions.

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

EAs, part #4


There is the thread about this EA. I tested this original version with this pre-set file and I stoped testing. Why? Read here: because people created some new versions already with more good results.


EA and indicator.

Settings are default.

Template with the indicators to understand how this EA works.

New version of easyLMA_v6 EA (now with Money Management (easyLMA_v6MM) is here: 3 kinds of MM.

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

EAs, part #14

PriceChannelExpert_v4 is here.

RK-PrChannel_EA-5TSwKC-1 EA is on this post.

Trade-on-Monday EA is here: EA, backtesting results/settings for EURUSD and GBPUSD (M15 timeframe).

- original thread is here.

Trade-on-Friday EA:

M15 timeframe.


- e-Friday EA with backtesting results is here.

- e-Friday_v1 (new version) is here.

- original thread is here.

StepEnvelope EA

- StepEnvelope_v1 was posted on this thread including the settings. Backtesting results.

- StepEnvelope_v1.1 (New version with MM improved) is here.