Brainwashing: system setup for trading manually and for EAs


We will describe all the settings for the Brainwashing EAs starting from 1c version.


Brainwashing #1c

I want to describe how to use iTrend filter in this EA.

If you want to use it set it to true (ItrendFilter true).

In this case the parameter ItrendLevel is more important.

Recommended value for this ItrendLevel is the following:

between 0.10 and 0.15 for usdjpy M15 (I prefer 0.1);

0.19 for usdjpy H1;

0.0017 - 0.0026 for gbpusd M15 (I prefer 0.0026);

0.0044 for gbpusd H1;

0.0013 - 0.0017 for eurusd M15 (I prefer 0.0016 or 0.0017);

0.002 for eurusd H1;

0.0015 for usdchf M15; 0.003 for usdchf H1.

Please find attached the pre-set for this EA. Just change ItrendLevel only according to above mentioned figures.

Brainwashing #1c and all the indicators (this EA will not work without indicators) you may find

You may find you own settings:

Attach iTrend indicator to the chart. This indicator is counting everything up to 300 bars back on the history starting from the current bar.

And you may see the value of Itrend (see image f1.gif). Then shift your chart on 300 bars back and during the shifting you may estimate the maximum (see image f2.gif).

Then multiply this max by 0.283.

The resut is ItrendLevel.

I want to note that if you are trading using m15 timeframe you need to estimate ItrendLevel at least once per two days, for h1 - one time per week. And because of that the backtesting results are not valid (we are backtesting using permanent ItrendLevel value but it is subject to change).

Please read the posts where this idea with iTrend indicator was described:

f1.gif  13 kb
f2.gif  13 kb  1 kb

Brainwashing #1c_1

Use the same pre-set file for the settings for this EA. It is almost the same version of Brainwashing #1c but slightly modified. This version is producing more trades than original Brainwashing #1c.


Pre-set for Brainwashing #1c2 was uploaded. Sorry.

Files:  1 kb

Brainwashing #1c2

It is pre-set for Brainwashing #1c2. But iTrendLevel should be estimated or selected (see the posts above this thread).

Changing are the following:

1. how many bars are necessary to wait for iTrend confirmation of the entry signals; just play this this value but I am using value 1 (see pre-set file).

2. all the orders are closing without iTrend confirmation (in original #1c version iTrend indicator is responsible for the exit as well to

catch big profit and to be on-trend up to the end of the trend).

Files:  1 kb

Uploaded pre-set for Brainwashing #1d.

Sorry very much.

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Brainwashing #1d

Brainwashing #1d:

it is the same with Brainwashing #1c_2 but we have an other options for exit (T3 Trix indicator lines crossing). It is too early sometimes but I think it is up to the strategy and character of the trader. Anyway you may switch this option to false and you will receive Brainwashing #1c_2.

Besides the estimation and selection of iTrendLevel is very important (see posts above).

Some people said that S/L level should be more higher (50 for example) for the hogher than m15 timeframes. May be. This settings is very preliminary one and finally we will find the right settings for this EA.

Anyway your opinion about the right settings for this new versions is very important.

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And i want to note that ItrendLevel is the subject to be changed. It should be estimated at least once per two days for m15 timeframe and one time per one week for H1.

For example, I am using ItrendLevel 0.16 for jpy m15 now.


I want to inform that 1d version has all the features of 1c1 and 1c2: to work as 1c_2 set T3trixFilter=false and to work as 1c1 as well set BarsToConfirm=1.

Version 1c is different from all other versions: it has iTrend filter not for enter only but for the closing the orders as well, so, you have possibility to have much profit. But in this case you may have one trade per day for 4 main pair only (or nothing).

Use my settings (see posts above) or select yours.

Mainly I use this EA from 7 am to 7 pm GMT except Friday (I am affraid for the Friday with this EA). But it is my personal (experience).


I forgot to say few words about backtesting.

It is really difficult because the ItrendLevel value may be different every week: twice per week for m15 and once per week for h1 timeframe (see posts above on this thread how to estimate ItrendLevel value).

Usually I am backtesting but week by week changing the ItrendLevel value for the next week backtesting and continuing testing. It is only way to backtest Brainwashing EAs.


Just want to note that some versions of Brainwashing EA is using i_Trend indicator (not iTrend).

So do not be confused.

i_trend.mq4  4 kb