Bank of England (BoE) Financial Policy Committee (FPC) Meeting Minutes

United Kingdom
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Bank of England Financial Policy Committee Meeting Minutes are published two weeks after each FPC meeting.

The Bank of England’s Financial Policy Committee (FPC) identifies and monitors current risks, threatening the resilience of the UK financial system. It also takes action to remove or reduce systemic risks. The Committee has two sets of powers. The first one is the power of direction — the FPC has the power to direct regulators on a number of specific policy tools. For example, the Committee may direct banks, construction companies and large investment funds to perform certain actions. Banks may be directed to set capital requirements to strengthen the buffer against negative circumstances.

The second one is the power of recommendation. If regulatory bodies decide not to comply with them, they must publicly explain the reason for such a decision.

The FPC meets quarterly. A statement on meeting results is published a week after each meeting, outlining future changes in financial policy. A more complete report, the Meeting Minutes, is published in two weeks. It provides the description of the entire course of the discussion.

The publication of FPC Meeting Minutes may affect the pound sterling quotes depending on adopted financial regulation measures.