Swiss National Bank (SNB) Quarterly Bulletin

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Swiss National Bank (SNB) Quarterly Bulletin is a compilation of economic research published every three months. The Bulletin is targeted at a broad audience.

Information contained therein is divided into two major sections: the monetary policy report and a report on business cycle signals. The Bulletin also includes a chronicle of the SNB's events and periodic special materials.

The structure of the Quarterly Bulletin is typically preserved in its releases. The document begins with a description of monetary policy decisions and an explanation of the Swiss National Bank's strategy. The next chapter features a description of global economic conditions considering largest economies (United States, Euro area, Japan, China and the largest emerging markets). It is followed by the analysis of Switzerland's economic development (output and demand, labor market, capacity utilization and outlook). Further parts describe prices, interest rates, monetary and credit aggregates. The "Business cycle signals" section is devoted to the economy and its sectors, inflationary expectations and risks. Final sections of the Bulletin touch upon various economy related topical problems and news.

The publication of the Bulletin does not have serious influence on the Swiss franc: it is a summary of information provided in an easily accessible form, explaining the SNB's policy and underlying conditions.