Bank of Japan (BoJ) Press Conference

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BoJ Press Conference is the main PR event of the Japanese regulator. During the Press Conference, the Bank of Japan Governor or Deputy Governor explains decisions concerning the monetary policy, describes their views on the prospects of economic development and answers questions.

Although the Bank of Japan is not a governmental administrative body, monetary policy is considered to belong to the administrative category.

There is a positive impact on Japanese Yen in the short term if there are any regulatory statements suggesting future monetary policy enhancements.

The Bank of Japan (BoJ) press conference looks at the factors that affected the most recent interest rate decision, the overall economic outlook, inflation and offers insights into future monetary policy decisions. Topics at the conference include the outlook for the economy, inflation and changes in policy rates.

The statement of the BoJ monetary policy meeting usually takes place at 11 am, but if there is an important announcement or a change in policy, it is likely to exceed 12:30 pm.