Bank of Japan (BoJ) Monetary Policy Statement

JPY, Japanese yen
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BoJ Monetary Policy Statement is an official statement, which discloses the regulator's decision on interest rates and various measures of the monetary policy, as well as describes the economic conditions that influenced the decision. This report is issued eight times a year in response to the results of Japan Bank meeting and is used to predict future changes in monetary policy.

The Statement may affect JPY depending on whether it contains hints at tightening the monetary policy in the near future.

Monetary Policy Statement contains the outcome of the BoJ’s decision on asset purchases and commentary about the economic conditions that influenced their decision. The Bank of Japan announces the proceedings of the Monetary Policy Decision Meeting three working days after its approval at the next decision meeting. The Minister of Finance and the Minister in charge of Economic and Fiscal Policy (or the Prime Minister if there is no Minister in charge of Economic and Fiscal Policy) have no voting right, but if necessary, attend meetings and express opinions.