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The Net Brain eurusd MT4

What is a Neural Network

An Artificial Neural Network (ANN) is an information processing paradigm that is inspired by the way biological nervous systems, such as the brain, process information. The key element of this paradigm is the novel structure of the information processing system. It is composed of a large number of highly interconnected processing elements (neurons) working in unison to solve specific problems. ANNs, like people, learn by example. An ANN is configured for a specific application, such as pattern recognition or data classification, through a learning process. Learning in biological systems involves adjustments to the synaptic connections that exist between the neurons. This is true of ANNs as well.

Why do you use neural networks for trading

Neural networks, with their remarkable ability to derive meaning from complicated or imprecise data, can be used to extract patterns and detect trends that are too complex to be noticed by either humans or other computer techniques. A trained neural network can be thought of as an "expert" in the category of information it has been given to analyze. This expert can then be used to provide projections given new situations of interest and answer "what if" questions.

Other advantages include:

  • Adaptive learning: An ability to learn how to do tasks based on the data given for training or initial experience.
  • Self-Organization: An ANN can create its own organization or representation of the information it receives during learning time.
  • Real-Time Operation: ANN computations may be carried out in parallel.

How Net Brain Expert Advisor works

Quantitative and qualitative methodologies for forecasting help managers to develop business goals and objectives. Business forecasts can be based on historical data patterns that are used to predict future market behavior. The time series method of forecasting is one data analysis tool that measures historical data points -- for instance, using line charts -- to forecast future conditions and events. The goal of the time series method is to identify meaningful characteristics in the data that can be used in making statements about future outcomes.

To generate the deep and invariant features for one-step-ahead forex price prediction, The Net Brain MT4 presents a deep learning framework for financial time series using a deep learning-based forecasting scheme that integrates the architecture of stacked autoencoders and long-short-term memory. The framework involves three stages:

  1. data preprocessing using the wavelet transform, which is applied to decompose the forex price time series to eliminate noise;
  2. application of the stacked autoencoders, which has a deep architecture trained in an unsupervised manner; and
  3. the use of long-short-term memory with delays to generate the one-step-ahead output.

Prediction approach

In particular, this procedure consists of three parts. The first part is the training part, which is used to train the model and update model parameters. The second part is the validating part. It uses it to tune hyper-parameters and get an optimal model setting. The last one is the test part, where we use the optimal model to predict data. In the training part, we use the past ten years’ worth of data to train the models.

Expert Advisor recommended configuration

  1. Recommended forex Pairs: EURUSD
  2. Time-frame: H1 Chart
  3. Minimum deposit: $100 per pair
  4. Recommended spread but not limited: 1 pip

Inputs Description

  • Lot - Contract size
  • Use Risk Management Lot size
  • Percentage of Account Balance to Risk
  • Expert Comment - Here you put a comment to identify the trades made by the EA
  • Profit in pips - Take profit in Pips (Stealth or hidden take profit)
  • Stop loss in pips - Stop loss in pips (Stealth or hidden stop loss)
  • MagicNumber
  • use slope of the line
  • 0 to any(positive) value to close bad Sell Trades
  • 0 to any(negative) value to close bad Buy Trades
  • entrylopeplus - Minimum value to Buy
  • entrylopenega - Minimum value to Sell
  • 0 to 0.99 %Buy correlation coefficient
  • 0 to -0.99 %Sell correlation coefficient
  • max Spread
  • Trade on Monday
  • Trade on Tuesday
  • Trade on Wednesday
  • Trade on Thursday
  • Trade on Friday
  • Using Trade Hour
  • Start Hour
  • End Hour
  • One trade and stop

Note: This Expert Advisor is available for both MT4 and MT5 platforms.

2018.06.17 21:31 

So far, so good with Version 5. EURUSD looks extremely positive, USDJPY not so much but early days. Will update my review in a month’s time but Andy has put a lot of hard work into this EA, so I remain optimistic!

Franz Krenn
2018.06.17 10:44 


The Netbrain EA development has stormy three month behind it. Now, after changing a lot compared to the starting versions, we have an EA with the very high probability to be a profitable EA. Backtest are very good, and the first ten days on my real money account confirmes exactly the backtest results. All trades (3) on my account were closed with profit. Trading activity is not very high and you can expect 3-4 trades per week. It is clear, after ten days only, all statements are a little bit weak of fact and cannot guarantee long term stability, but i can give four stars **** with good conscience and with a look-ahead to five stars in some weeks when the EA shows its profitibility further more.

For all newbies here, the "Overview " in the market ( specially the equity curve ) is not an overview of the actually version 5.0. Anddy Cabrera has to rewrite it.

Alexander Berger
2018.06.16 16:19 

So far good results for EURUSD on real account. With the new version I will also test the other pairs on a demo account first.

Update 27.05.2018: The new version V4 unfortunatelly is not profitable. V2 and V3 werw also not profitable. Therefore now reduced from 5 to 2 stars.

Update 16.06.2018: The new version V5 looks stable. Much less trades but profitable trades. I give it 4 stars and if it is performing well within the next months it will get back 5 stars

John Ezeadiugwu
2018.06.16 04:15 

So far V5 of the Net Brain is a winner except for Sl Settings. If we ever get in situation just like what happened last Thursday (6/14th 2018) when the EU dropped over 100 pips after Net Brian did a trade with profit (Target of 6 pips) at the 12:10 Hour Server Time +3 GMT. If anyone noticed, EU dropped over 100 pips at the 13:00 Hr +3 GMT Server time. If Net Brian was trading at that hour, loses would have been very huge if you used SL of 75 pips which is where I Placed my SL. Hey, 75 pips loss would have wiped out all the gains this past week and more. I gave a 4 Stars pending when the Dynamic (Virtual)SL settings is incorporated in the next update. I will gladly update to 5 stars when there is improvement in the SL to minimize huge loses. Kindly work on it on the next update. It can be done. Thanks.

2018.06.15 09:25 

Really amazing, the wining ratio is very high.

2018.06.14 18:50 

The new version V5 is very promisig. For now i have only profits.

Thanks Anddy

2018.06.07 12:53 

So far not profitable. Waiting for V5..

7/6/18: Backtests look promising for V5. Increasing to 3* and testing real account performance.

2018.06.07 11:29 

Forward live test on real account exceeds expectations. Lets the profits run and cuts short the losses. Copes well with ranging market

Update 2/05/18: The above comments were made in relation to V2 which was trading only EURUSD and doing it very well. Since then we moved to V3 which was designed to trade all the majors and hopefully improve performance even further. Unfortunately, this did not eventuate. Author has been sensitive to expressed disappointments and responded with solutions that make the next version quite amazing - so much for creative tension

Update 17/5/18: V4 has not delivered on 4/6 majors in terms of profitability. It would appear for now the strategy has potential only for EURUSD & USDJPY. V4 seems to have a few bugs which affect reliability and stability- see comment #531. I hope these will be fixed as a matter of urgency and that the author continues to fine tune the two pairs that have potential. See also my comment #585

Update 7/6/18: V5 back tests for EURUSD look awesome, see comment #720. Massive improvement on the previous version. Upgrade to 4* pending confirmation on real account performance (back tests only good for so much). A new set file for USDJPY would be a real blessing

2018.05.25 15:48 

EURUSD has been working fine with V2 and V3.

V3 introduced multiple currencies and this has caused some concern over the last 2 weeks of trading with the currencies other than EURUSD. For me this caused a back to break even result however EURUSD would have shown a 350+ pip profit.

Anddy is working hard to rectify the issue with a new improved V4 which we all are waiting for with bated breath and he shows that he is committed to continuous improvement of the EA

I'm confident that once I further test the new version I will upgrade my star rating.


V4 has been working nicely for me and has made back my loss and am back in profit, upping to 4 stars on my way to Five! EURUSD the strongman with 500 plus pips since start, V3 multicurrency was an issue. See page 26 of comments for my stats. I am only using EURUSD and Eurjpy with V4


Dropping back to 3 stars until next version, profits are now negative, however eurusd would still have been profitable over entire Version history if it was only pair that was running.

Borislav Serdarev
2018.05.25 06:22 


Jinjian Xia
2018.05.24 04:06 

Not good and without profit,Loss 300 dollars !

Brendan Lu
2018.05.18 23:41 

Net Brain is not working well for me so far, even with v4.0, it's always one step forward and two steps back. Just had multiples losses these past two days which would put this week at a big negative.

The support is good, but the trading logic needs to be improved immensely.

Morard Kevin
2018.05.18 07:03 

Très bon sur l'EURSUD et USDJPY! Je déconseille pour les autres paires pour le moment, peut-être dans les prochaines mise à jour :-). Un développeur très présent et très à l'écoute, merci!

2018.05.11 14:16 

In general, experienced and smart traders never use grid strategy. I am so disappointed to hear that Version 4 employs grid strategy. Grid strategy is not holy grail, eventually blow out account, sooner or later. It is very fragile methods, not robust.

Felipe Oliveira
2018.05.06 17:09 

This EA is very profitable in EURUSD and have a great potential in other pairs. It`s amazing how nice it trades being allways in the market... almost all trades match the backtests so it`s not much broker sensitive. The author is very open for critics and helpfull. Thank you for all your effort Anddy and congratulations for the work made in this EA.

2018.05.01 16:06 

I have this EA now running for 10 days on a demo account with a minus of 20 %. Don't understand all these praises for now... Will update my rating if there is an improvement... Don't use it on a real account (yet).

2018.04.30 11:56 

This is my first product review to dispel those who gave bad reviews. The bad review has no basis and does not know what he is talking about.

I still maintain that this is a good EA. In fact, still the best EA in my EAs and I have many.

True, the EA did not perform well last week but it does not mean that the EA is already bad. Just like any EA, it will have its bad trades but not as bad as how it was written. The EA recognizes losses early that is why it has some bad trades. This is not like other strategies where it does not exit soon to avoid registering losses which will ultimately blow up your account.

And the mere fact that the developer is still assiduously working to improve the EA even after we purchase it is laudable. He is also responsive to questions and inquiries and is TRANSPARENT about the performance of the EA.

I believe he is retraining the EA on a per tick data to improve its entry and exit and ultimately, improve its profitability.

2018.04.24 19:13 

Really amazing. The work of the EA itself and the efforts and service provided by Anddy.

Serafin Perez
2018.04.20 19:35 

La idea es genial y hasta seis pares en juego mejoran bastante la estrategia inicial. Me gusta que alguien que inicia un proyecto lo continue con la misma o mayor ilusión que al principio, es lo que intuyo con admiración. Ahora falta afinar un poco más, aunque creo que estamos en la antesala de un gran proyecto que empieza a dar buenos resultados. Merece la máxima puntuación por el esfuerzo en las mejoras actuales y las que seguro habrá.

Евгений Свечников
2018.04.04 17:43 


版本 5.0 - 2018.06.06
New strategy added to improve the performance of the EA.
The grid system has been removed.
版本 4.0 - 2018.05.08
版本 3.0 - 2018.04.19
1. Now the H4 Supply and Demand levels will be taken into account during the decision to open a Buy or Sell, depending on the position of the price with respect to these levels.

2. The EA will be extended to the pairs EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, USDJPY, USDCAD and USDCHF.

3. Added input for comments.
版本 2.0 - 2018.03.23
Now the buyer will be able to close any trade manually and the EA will wait for the next signal to trade again. Also, it will take into account the H4 levels to open and close trades.
Also, some information about the neurons calculations is displayed on the screen, so you can understand what is going on.