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Pointer Sync

This indicator plots a crosshair pointer in all charts of the terminal in the position relative to the active chart.

To activate the Pointer Sync, just press the "+" button that will appear in one of the 4 corners of the chart where the indicator is added.

To deactivate the Pointer Sync, just press the "+" button again. Once Pointer Sync is deactivated, the cross lines will disappear in all charts as well.

You can adjust the color of the pointers and the button, the corner where the button appears, as well as the button's size.

lcoia 2017.04.08 21:34 

I use a third party Renko charts along with time based charts to help identify turning points. The pointer works flawlessly with all chart types. I highly recommend this utility!

teodosy87 2017.02.02 18:07 

This is the second indicator i buy from Sergio, and again amazing work! It suits my needs perfectly ! :)

system8 2015.11.15 15:33 

Excellent ! Very Happy, works great plus it will scroll all open charts !

jdroid 2014.11.08 21:20 

I've been looking for something like this on mt4 for years, works great! This is also much much better than the other synchronizer tool being sold on this site.

Versão 2.10 2014.09.30
Adjust buttons for MetaTrader 4 Build 711.
Versão 2.0 2014.08.01
Added optional function to auto scroll all the charts to show the time-point signaled by PointerSync.

Watch demo at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QirW2zSMMqo
Versão 1.1 2014.07.17
Adjusted to new way to place buttons under build 670.