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CloseIfProfitorLoss with Trailing

Closing positions in MetaTrader 4 upon reaching the total profit/loss with the profit trailing function.

  • You can enable the Virtual stops (Separate Order),
  • Calculating and closing for BUY and SELL positions separately (Separate BUY SELL),
  • Closing and calculating all symbols or the current symbol only (All Symbols),
  • Enable trailing for profit (Trailing Profit)
  • Close on total profit and loss on deposit currency, points, % of the balance.

The application is designed for use on any account together with any other EA or in combination with manual trading.

As soon as the total balance of trades on some pair or all pairs is greater than or equal to the value specified in the settings, all positions are closed and orders are deleted.

This version is not only capable of closing a position at the specified profit level, but can also trail profit for better results.

You can also try  CloseIfProfitorLoss with Trailing for mt5 the Profit or Loss Pad for MetaTrader 5.

This pad EA is part of our "One Click Trading " - VirtualTradePad system. and contains only the CLP tab.

CloseIfProfitorLoss with Trailing - Full Description



  1. Start the panel on your currency pair chart.
  2. On the panel select the option to close positions by all symbols or by the current symbol.
  3. To activate the options for selecting the close type, you need to specify a non-zero value for the corresponding parameters.
  4. Check the options you want to use for closing (Profit\Loss in pips\dollars\percent).
  5. Enable the Close if Profit or Loss button, it should become blue. It means that the Expert Advisor has started working.
  6. Once the profit or loss of your position crosses the set levels, the positions will be closed.
  7. The emergency button CLOSE ALL is intended for closing all positions instantly.


  1. All Symbols - enables closing for all symbols.
  2. XXXXXX only - only closing on the current pair the EA is running on.
  3. Separate BuySell - enables separate closing for BUY and SELL positions.
  4. Separate Order - separate closing for each separate positions.
  5. Profit $ - enables\disables closing by a total profit in USD or deposit currency.
  6. Profit p - enables\disables closing by a total profit in pips.
  7. Profit % - enables\disables closing by a total profit in percent of current balance.
  8. Loss $ - enables\disables closing by a total loss in USD or deposit currency.
  9. Loss p - enables\disables closing by a total loss in pips.
  10. Loss % - enables\disables closing by a total loss in percent of current balance.
  11. Close if Profit or Loss ON / OFF - the function closing by a total profit or loss is enabled / disabled

Trailing Profit

Trailing based on configured parameters.

This function enables trailing for profit (floating profit) at closing.
In this case, the profit is not fixed but is closed with a trailing of the specified value. As soon as the profit reaches the specified value, the Expert Advisor saves the current profit level and starts trailing the profit.


  • If Profit $ is set to 10 and TrailingProfit is set to 5 the Trailing Stop will be set at 5 dollars.
  • The Trailing Stop will come into play when the Expert Advisor passes the 10 dollar line and start moving following the profit. 
  • When the total profit falls below the last fixed level, TrailingProfit, the Expert Advisor will perform forced closing of all position.

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Comentários 25
rvstrade 2020.09.27 07:51 

exactly what I needed. great tool. recommended. A+ product and seller.

Agnaldo Prata
Agnaldo Prata 2020.05.11 14:56 

Excellent toll, I have been looking for a good trade manager EA for long time and now I found it, I have been testing it on my live account and it works like a charm.Thanks for the developer, great job done!

Saitama 2020.03.24 08:25 

Very great EA and Vladislav is very helpful and responsive with prompt reply to my questions.

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A powerful assistant for manual trading. Execute a deal with one click and manage the trade volume, stop loss and take profit, according to your trading strategy, without being distracted from the chart. The product can also visually preview your levels of entry into the market, stop loss and take profit before placing an order. Advantages easy and intuitive interface the control panel in real time 3 modes of setting the order volume 6 stop loss setting modes 5 profit take setting modes calcul
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Mihail Matkovskij
The EA allows a trader to place stop loss invisible for brokers and thereby prevent false breakthroughs and unwanted stop loss triggering. When you use standard stop loss, the price may break through stop loss before moving to the direction of an open order and therefore the orders is closed. Interactive Stop Loss removes standard stop loss of the open order and adds a horizontal line instead. After this it maintains the order until the line is crossed by the price. And then it finally closes th
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How we know at  news time  market can move  very fast , at few  seconds  it can move more than  50 pips This expert is for  scalping  on  news , it’s  semiautomatic  that is mean  you  need to  manually   set time and setting. Because every pair currency has it range of move ,you need to  set special parameters . You Can’t  Test this Expert at  Strategy Tester  (Because It Use Event Handler Function “ OnTimer ”). You need  to try it at  demo account .
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It is so very disappointing when the price does not have enough points to achieve Take Profit and makes a reversal. This EA sets virtual levels near the TakeProfit levels. This EA sets virtual levels next to TakeProfit orders. If these levels are reached by price, breakeven or trailing stop is applied for an order. Features This EA does not set new orders. The aim of this EA is to manage stop losses of existing orders that are set by another EA or manually (magic number equals 0). For correct
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* PRINCIPALES CARACTERÍSTICAS: Envíe sus señales a MUCHOS CANALES: canales de telegramas múltiples, correo electrónico y envíe notificaciones push al terminal móvil Escanee los pedidos muy RÁPIDO: escanee en segundos, no en ticks Enviar información de TODOS LOS TIPOS DE PEDIDOS: Abrir (incluidas las órdenes pendientes), cancelar, cerrar (incluido el% de cierre parcial), desencadenar y modificar órdenes FILTRAR las órdenes de envío por: Tipos de orden (pendiente, activada, modificada, cerrada)
100 USD
Vladislav Andruschenko
Copiadora comercial para MetaTrader 4. Ele copia negociações, posições e pedidos em forex de qualquer conta. É uma das melhores copiadoras comerciais  MT4 → MT4, MT5 → MT4 para a versão COPYLOT MT4  (ou MT4 → MT5 MT5 → MT5 para a versão COPYLOT MT5 ). Versão da copiadora para o terminal MetaTrader 5 ( МТ5 → МТ5, МТ4 → МТ5 ) -  Copylot Client MT5 O algoritmo de cópia exclusivo copia exatamente todas as transações da conta principal para a sua conta de cliente. O produto também é conhecido por su
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Determination of transaction risk by calculating possible profits and losses. Precise designation of TP and SL levels for each transaction. These are the basic activities that every trader of financial markets must face with. The purpose of these calculations is very simple, achieving satisfying profits from FX transactions, with a minimum of risk. This is certainly the dream of each trader. This makes it difficult for new investors to take their first steps in this market.  EA Forex Trade Mana
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Krzysztof Lorenc
The indicator helps you estimate progress of your trading and your trading account using the most important factors. The indicator can calculate values according to order type, instrument name and Order Magic Number assigned to the order by your EA or scripts. For history of your progress you can take screen shots that with current chart in the background can be more useful then Excel sheet. You might need to enable All History in the MetaTrader terminal. By default, (minimized) indicator shows
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Fernando Morales
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Pedro Miguel Medeiros Martins Pereira Rosa
Expert Skynet FTMO   EA SKYNET  is fully automated Imagine a trading system that performs technical and fundamentals analysis on complete autopilot without being affected by human emotions! Skynet is an E.A that trades the rubber band of the market using a multi system approach to perform the entries in the market . Remove your human emotions, and let a machine do all the work.
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KopirMT4 Copy trades for MT4
Alexandr Gavrilin
KopirMT4 (CopierMT4) - transaction copier for the MetaTrader 4 terminal, copies (synchronizes, duplicates) transactions from any accounts (copier, copy dealers).  Supports copying: MT4 <-> MT4, MT4 -> MT5 Hedge, MT5 Hedge -> MT4 Attention  : For correct operation, at least two terminals on one PC / VPS are required. The first for the account from which it will copy (Server), and the second for the account to which it will copy (Client). Demo version:  https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/73646
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Ziggy Janssen
*All In One Trading Utility, Breakthrough solution for any Newbie or Expert Trader! Message Me Immediately After Purchase For Installation Help and V.I.P Access With Additional Strategies BlueDigitsFx Explains How To Use The Command Center In Detail :  https://youtu.be/rNZlrFMDHy8 BlueDigitsFx's Command Center Is An All in 1 Utility with a variety of options to work with. Telegram Channel & Group  here Taking High Probability Trading Decisions with PERFECT Risk Management Made Easy.
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Exp SafetyLock PRO
Vladislav Andruschenko
SAFETYLOCK allows traders to avoid strong market reversals by setting an opposite order for an already opened position. If a trader or an EA opens a position, SAFETYLOCK opens an opposite pending order for it. If the position becomes loss-making, the pending order is activated creating a lock. The EA allows you to close the initial position, work with a trailing stop, or multiply the lot. You can also modify the pending order Open price following the position price. SafetyLock - Full Description
35 USD
Exp4 Duplicator
Vladislav Andruschenko
The Expert Advisor repeats trades and positions a preset number of times on your account  MetaTrader 4 . The following functions are supported: custom lot for copied trades, copying Stop Loss, Take Profit, use of trailing stop. It copies all deals opened manually or by another Expert Advisor. Copies signals and increases the lot from signals! Increases the lot of other EAs. Note: This is not a copier for deals between terminals. A trade copier for MetaTrader is available here: COPYLOT Version of
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Trade Copier Global
Laszlo Tormasi
Trade Copier Global: The name speaks for itself. This copier allows you to copy orders between MT4 terminals even if they are not installed on the same computer. Features Copying trades between MT4 terminals around the world with a short delay. Automatically recognizes symbol prefixes. Can connect many Slaves to the same Master. Supports pending and market orders. Supports partial order close (with limitations, see below) Can send messages and notifications to the Slaves from the Master Severa
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Telegram Trading Signals
Alexander Pekhterev
(MT4 to Telegram) -   Fast and instant publication of your trade in the telegram channel (chat or personal message).  F rom version 1.77 it sends Alerts of any indicators in telegram! !!! Personally, I can't imagine a full-fledged trade without this utility)) TTS   can send the following messages in   all   languages: Opening a new position; Placing a pending order; Pending order activation; SL and TP modification; Pending order price modification; Removing a pending order; Closing a position;
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Ultimate No Nonsense Backtester
I Kai Wu
Ultimate No Nonsense FX Backtester - You can Run Forward Test Simulation with this tool! Do Not Download the Demo Here, Please Read Below! Join the   discord   for this backtester, you can have my direct support on there. Step by Step Manual Guide PDF for this backtester PDF List of Commands(Shortcuts) for this backtester Ultimate NNFX Backtester is a powerful utility tool that significantly reduces the length of backtesting process for NNFX followers.  As well as for Forex traders that
84.99 USD
Object Synchronizer
Suthichai Rasithong
Object Synchronizer : Better focus/analysis of the price chart in many time frames. Are you bored to save and load template many times for the same symbol for many chart time frames? Here is the alternative. With this indicator, you enjoy creating objects across many charts, you can modify the same object in any chart, you can delete the same object in any chart. All objects that you created/modified always are synchronized across all chart windows (with same symbol). Save your time, you can foc
50 USD
Charts Synchronizer
Ihor Herasko
The "Chart synchronization" utility (the SynchronizeCharts indicator) can help traders in simultaneous trading on multiple financial instruments, as it automatically scrolls all or selected charts of the terminal according to the position of the master chart.  Four charts are shown in the screenshot 1. The EURUSD chart is the master chart, as the SynchronizeCharts indicator is attached to it. As a result, the other three charts are displayed on the timeline starting from 2017.02.17 23:15. Any fu
50 USD
LT Trade Copy MT4
Thiago Duarte
Trade Copy é uma ferramenta em forma de EA que replica as operações feitas em um Meta Trader 5 para todos os meta Traders 5 abertos no mesmo computador. É útil se você deseja operar mais de uma conta sua ou se deseja trabalhar com gerenciamento de contas de terceiros. As imagens são do MT5 pois é exatamente igual ao MT4. Versão Demo:   https://www.mql5.com/pt/market/product/40947 Versão para M T5 (mais avançada):   https://www.mql5.com/pt/market/product/40901 Configuração: MAIN OPTIONS Idiom - 
50 USD
Easy Trade Manager
Anoop Sivasankaran
Easy Trade Manager 1.0 Recursos básicos que são um dos fatores mais importantes para ser um profissional bem sucedido;     1. Lucros do livro em TP1, TP2 e TP3     2. Gerenciar risco de acordo com o valor definido por negociação. Por exemplo, US $ 100 (perda máxima) - Isso pode ser 2% do seu patrimônio total.     3. Defina quanto (%) você deseja reservar em TP1, TP2 e TP3. Por exemplo. 50% de US $ 100 no TP1, 25% no TP2 e 25% no TP3     4. Selecione o LOTE TAMANHO automaticamente co
40 USD
Unlimited Trade Copier Pro
Vu Trung Kien
Unlimited Trade Copier Pro is a tool to copy trade remotely between multiple MT4/MT5 accounts at different computers/locations over internet. This is an ideal solution for signal provider, who want to share his trade with the others globally on his own rules. One provider can copy trades to multiple receivers and one receiver can get trade from multiple providers as well. The provider can even set the subscription expiry for each receiver, so that receiver will not be able to receive the signal
299 USD
Auto Trade Copier
Vu Trung Kien
Auto Trade Copie é projetado para copiar negociações entre multi contas/terminais MetaTrader 4 com 100% de precisão. Com esta ferramenta, você pode atuar tanto como um provedor (origem) ou um recebedor (destino). Todas as ações de negociação serão copiadas do fornecedor ao recebedor sem demora. Demo: Versão demonstração para teste pode ser baixado em: https://www.mql5.com/pt/market/product/4904 Referência: Se você precisa copiar entre diferentes locais através da Internet, por favor veja o Tra
79 USD
Renko Builder
Vasiliy Strukov
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I am glad to welcome you on the page of my product - I am its author Vasily Strukov.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Using Renko Bilder, you can create Renko charts on which all bars look like Renko- "bricks". Renko is built from the time frame of your choice; Renko is also very convenient for trend analysis. You can attach indicators, advisers and scripts to the resulting chart. It turns out a fully working schedule on which you can work in the same way as on a regular schedule.  At the same time, you can create se
35 USD
Trend Support Resistance Tool
ISO Financial Services
Smart Trend Line Alert is a unique professional Trend Line, Support Line and Resistance Line Touch and Break out Alert with awesome Alert History feature, designed to help traders easily manage many charts and symbols without staring at the monitor. Features Candle Break Out Alert, Price Touch Alert and Time Line Alert; 1 click for converting any drawn line into an alert line (Trend line and Horizontal line or Trend Line By Angle); Alerts History able to re-open closed charts or re-draw delete
31.75 USD
TradePanel MT4
Alfiya Fazylova
Trade Panel is a professional tool for manual trading. Allows you to work with orders and positions in one click, making your trading fast and comfortable. When opening an order, it simplifies the setting of stop loss and take profit, as well as automatically calculates the lot according to the specified risk and stop loss size. In addition, the utility can work with virtual orders and accompany trailing stop orders, transfer SL to the breakeven zone, perform partial closing and timely notify
50 USD
Powerplay Trade Manager
Daniel Stein
Powerplay Trade Manager é baseado no Powerplay , é um complemento ideal para o nosso popular sistema de negociação Blueball . Ele gerencia seus negócios com base no timeframe selecionado, de acordo com as configurações de cálculo individual do Powerplay e trailings stops ao longo da linha de tendência do Powerplay. Mesmo se você não inserir um stop loss, o Powerplay Trade Manager irá adicionar um imediatamente e movê-lo até que o movimento termine. Devido à introdução do número mágico, você pod
50 USD
Fibo Alert Ultimate
ISO Financial Services
This tool adds alerts to your Fibo Retracement and Fibo Expansion objects on the chart. It also features a handy menu to change Fibo settings easily and quickly! Features Alert for Fibo Retracement and Fibo Expansion levels. Sound, Mobile and Email alert. Up to 20 Fibo Levels. Continuous sound alert every few seconds till a user clicks on the chart to turn it OFF. Single sound alert with pop-up window. Keeping all user settings even after changing timeframes. New handy menu to change Fibo sett
31.75 USD
Forward Alert To Telegram
Trinh Dat
The Expert Advisor will help you forward all alert from  MetaTrader 4 to Telegram channel/ group.  All alert must save to folder <Data folder>MQL4\Files\Alerts\ , text file with format *.txt and screenshot with format *.png. Parameters Telegram Bot Token   - create bot on Telegram and get token. Telegram Chat ID    - input your Telegram   user ID,   group /   channel ID Forward Alert - default true, to forward alert. Send message as caption of Screenshot - default false, set true to send messa
100 USD
MT4 Telegram Signal Pro
Ugur Oezcan
MT4 Telegram Signal is tool, which sends selected trades via magicno to telegram channel , sms and email to user. Tool sends trades when open and close with chart to telegram chanel. It also sends every modification from trades to telegram. Tool can send multiple charts and magicno and pairs from a single chart. For this you have to fill in on the chart corresponding magic number to be sent by the chart. Send information of all type of orders: Opened (including Pending Orders), closed tiggered,
80 USD
Signal Multiplier MT4
Pavel Kolchin
The program allows you to automatically increase the volume of the lot received from any source by a specified value in the same terminal, on the same account, a program for working on " MQL VPS ", " Windows PC " and " Windows VPS ". The source can be any advisor program, manual trading, a trading signal MetaTrader 4  — Signal Multiplier MT4 —  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/23721 MetaTrader 5  — Signal Multiplier MT5 —  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/23719 How the program work
35 USD
VirtualTradePad mt4 Extra
Vladislav Andruschenko
Painel de negociação para negociação em 1 clique. Trabalhando com posições e pedidos! Negociar a partir do gráfico ou do teclado. Abertura e fechamento, reverso e bloqueio, fechamento parcial / Autolot. Stop loss virtual / real / take profit / stop móvel / ponto de equilíbrio, grade de pedidos ... Painel de controle de negociação dos principais pedidos no МetaТrader 4: comprar, vender, buystop, buylimit, sellstop, selllimit, fechar, excluir, modificar, trailing stop, stoploss, takeproft. Negocia
55 USD
Alexey Lushnikov
Alexey Lushnikov 2015.04.09 22:38 

Спасибо. Хорошая программа для контроля просадки и общей прибыли

Mark Huggett
Mark Huggett 2016.02.20 01:25 

Thank you, Vladislav. You have done a very nice job developing this application. It closed a position perfectly yesterday at my intended profit.

Victor Epand
Victor Epand 2016.02.28 20:41 

This EA can be very useful when combined with other EAs to set the desired minimum drawdown in % of balance at which time all positions will be closed.

Ikechukwu Emmanuel Okaro
Ikechukwu Emmanuel Okaro 2016.06.29 06:05 

This is a very important tool in any serious trader's arsenal. 5 stars!

Bambang Arief
Bambang Arief 2016.12.14 14:12 

This tool is very important and useful, like Master that teach how to become a discipline trader.

&gt;&gt;Version 16.990 - 2016.12.13&gt;&gt; works for ECN account and count swap fee (if any)

Валерий Булеев
Валерий Булеев 2017.02.06 10:51 

Еще один отличный продукт от этого программиста! Спасибо! Необходимый инструмент для контроля прибыльности и убыточности сделок, использую как дополнение к своему советнику. Очень хорошо работает поддержка, приятно работать с такими людьми, еще раз спасибо!

Manea Marian
Manea Marian 2017.02.24 14:53 

Work great

ericcheungtakyu 2017.10.08 06:15 

Great tools!

the author is very helpful


ropeganika 2017.10.15 07:47 

The author is really helpful!

Aslan Khuzmiev
Aslan Khuzmiev 2017.10.18 16:25 

отличный продукт

To Pui Kuen
To Pui Kuen 2017.11.11 02:55 

This utilities is extremely useful. Great job for Author !

60012345 2017.12.21 19:12 

Работает и помогает. Нужный инструмент в арсенале трейдера.

Tung Shan Hui
Tung Shan Hui 2017.12.24 16:22 

Great Job! It's useful.

Staffan Ofwerman
Staffan Ofwerman 2018.04.26 09:59 

This is just what I've been looking for. A great tool and it works fine. I had some trouble with understanding some of the settings, but finally I got it right. And the seller is really, really helpful. Impressive.

Kin Hung Chow
Kin Hung Chow 2018.08.22 03:50 

Very good Utilities. But I have a problem that MT4 doesnt close after stop out even I set the close terminal to "true". Any ideas for reason?

adam7samuel 2018.11.07 18:57 

thank god to meet you !

Mahen Weerakkody
Mahen Weerakkody 2019.04.09 05:45 

Excellent utility

pllm2708 2019.04.25 10:01 

Dear Vladislav,

Just purchased this EA a few hours ago and I am already thoroughly enjoying all the rich features. It is really value for money for only $30.00. It is almost everything that I have been looking for EXCEPT the fact that the EA does NOT delete any of the pending orders after the pre-set profit level has been reached. As my EAs trade in a cycle and needs to restart a fresh cycle after the closing of the on-going cycle and the fact that my EAs will only restart a fresh cycle upon all the pending orders being deleted - as a result, all the pending orders which were not deleted are being triggered now and my EAs would just continue to trade the just closed cycle as if nothing had happened. This obviously defeats the whole strategy employed by my EAs.

So Vladislav, can we have an urgent update of the EA to include the deletion of ALL the pending orders of the same symbol when the pre-set TP or SL is reached??? The EA would be perfect if you could do that.

Also, it would also be an excellent idea if the EA can somehow instruct all the EAs under its management to restart afresh every time when the pre-set TP or SL is hit/reached.

If the above two suggestions could be implemented, the EA would really be PERFECT! So, for now, 4 stars only.


Philip Lee


I wrote the above review less than 1 hour ago and Mr Vladislav PM me immediately to point out to me that there is already an option in the settings to choose whether or not to delete all pending orders - and I have just tried it and can confirm that there is an option to delete all pending orders. this is BRILLIANT, I really think this EA is all that one could ever ask for in as far as this kind of utility EA is concerned - it has everything and it works beautifully. I highly recommend this EA - this is a real no brainer - for only $30 - go ahead and buy it immediately, no need to think twice. Updated my rating to full 5 stars. Simply BRILLIANT!

wroger 2019.07.02 14:18 

Very useful, works combined with other EAs, great work!!!

Phoutsamay Tonmany
Phoutsamay Tonmany 2019.08.10 09:10 

this is great product that help you to discipline your trading strategy. :)

Maik Siebel
Maik Siebel 2019.08.28 07:32 

Usuário não fez qualquer comentário quanto a classificação

spetrosyan1979 2020.02.25 20:35 

Полезный помощник. Не стал мелочиться, купил сразу. Окупился при первом же запуске )) Спасибо.

Saitama 2020.03.24 08:25 

Very great EA and Vladislav is very helpful and responsive with prompt reply to my questions.

Agnaldo Prata
Agnaldo Prata 2020.05.11 14:56 

Excellent toll, I have been looking for a good trade manager EA for long time and now I found it, I have been testing it on my live account and it works like a charm.Thanks for the developer, great job done!

rvstrade 2020.09.27 07:51 

exactly what I needed. great tool. recommended. A+ product and seller.

Responder ao comentário
Versão 20.952 2020.10.22
- Added parameter to CLP (Closing on total profit and loss) settings:
--- CPL_CloseAllCharts_per_CloseAllDeals = close charts / other charts before closing positions.
--- This parameter allows us to solve the problem when our panel begins to close positions upon reaching the total profit or loss, and in the meantime, other experts simultaneously begin to open new positions.
--- The CPL_CloseAllCharts_per_CloseAllDeals parameter closes only those charts on which other Expert Advisors are installed (except for VirtualTradePad) only for MT5.
--- The CPL_CloseAllCharts_per_CloseAllDeals parameter closes All charts (When All Symbols is enabled) or only those with a chart symbol = VirtualTradePad symbol.
--- The CPL_CloseAllCharts_per_CloseAllDeals parameter saves chart templates before closing them! The template can be downloaded later. Template name: VTP_Symbol_Period_Name of the expert (only for MT5).
--- In Мt4: there is no way to find out the name of the Expert Advisor, so all charts are closed.
When this function is enabled, CPL_CloseAllCharts_per_CloseAllDeals = true, VirtualTradePad (before closing positions) will first save the templates of all charts, close all charts, close all positions.
Versão 20.423 2020.04.23
-В Уведомление CLP_Alert CLP_Push добавлено название валютной пары, с которой работает программа.
-В Уведомление CLP_Alert CLP_Push добавлено название валютной пары, тип позиции и лот закрытой позиции.
Versão 20.207 2020.02.09
=================================================== =====================================
-- Added opportunity to use Expert Adviser on Forex VPS for MetaTrader 4/5 from MetaQuotes
It works on any chart. Supports multiple chart at once!
Tabs work: CLP, TrailinStop, Signals!
Before changing the variables on your computer:
1. Enable AutoTrading to make the Expert Advisor active.
2. change the parameters,
3. After that, start the Migration!
=================================================== =====================================
- Added Risk Manager: Risk Manager Limiting losses / profits / Lots / Numbers
Block Limiting updated and supplemented!
This settings block allows users to limit Profit / loss / lots / number of deals/positions for a specified time.
A risk manager who monitors your trading and notifies you that the time limit has been exceeded with Current positions / today / week / month / all the time.

CurrentOpenDeals - Take into account current open deals/positions;
ClosedDeals - Take into account closed deals / positions over time:
LimitFor - The time during which closed deals / positions in the history will be checked;
LimitForLosses - Loss limit at which the EA will sent a message, must be specified with -;
LimitForProfits - Profit limit at which the EA will sent a message;
LimitForLotsDeals - Limit of Lots of deals / positions, at which the adviser will sent a message;
LimitForCountDeals - Limit of the number of deals / positions at which the EA will sent a message;
NotificationMailSend - Send a message to the phone (PUSH) and mail if the limit is exceeded;
Versão 20.125 2020.01.27
-- Forced writing global variables to disk.
-- Color of TrailingStop and CLP in the ON mode - is changed to green.
Versão 20.110 2020.01.10
Added CLP: New parameter Use_Commission_in_CLP - Use calculation of commission when closing positions.
true - take into account the commission in the calculations.
false - do not take into account the commission in the calculations.
Attention: The commission is calculated from an open deal and multiplied by 2 (When closing a deal a commission is also charged)
This is the standard way to calculate commission!
In MetaTrader 5, it is impossible to get the type of commission calculation from an adviser!
If you do not want the adviser to automatically calculate the commission, you can turn off this feature!
Attention! This function only affects the calculations on the CLP tab, all other tabs work in standard mode, taking into account commissions.
Versão 19.992 2019.12.17
Исправление отображения будущей прибыли в процентах при использовании нескольких открытых позиций
Versão 19.991 2019.12.02
CLP: Fixed display of future levels (Show_Future_BE_TP_SL) for BUY positions.
CLP: The Show_Future_BE_TP_SL function has been added to show future profit / loss lines when closing is selected as a percentage of the current balance.
VTP CLP: Added a new parameter to the "CLP options" section:
Test Function
ClosebyFIFO = Closing positions according to FIFO rules;
When closing positions, the FIFO rule will be used (First opened, First closed).
The position will be closed in the order of their opening!
Attention: This rule is intended to be used only when working with all symbols and closing all positions at once.
Attention: This mode prohibits the use of functions: Separate Deals
Versão 19.701 2019.07.06
- A new parameter has been added to the function “Closing by total profit or loss”:
ClosingCurrentTicketOnly - Close only the current list of tickets.
This option will help to avoid problems when my program starts to close positions on the basis of total profit, and the user's adviser starts to open new positions.
ClosingCurrentTicketOnly = true, Then the VirtualTradePad program, if the total profit conditions are met, will close the current list of positions. If new tickets are added to the list of positions, the VirtualTradePad program will ignore them.
ClosingCurrentTicketOnly = false, Then the VirtualTradePad program, if the total profit conditions are met, will close all positions, even if another adviser opens new positions.
Versão 19.227 2019.02.26
Fixed a percentage value profit on the CLP tab when the user did not press Enter to save parameters.
Versão 19.226 2019.02.26
Общие улучшения
Versão 19.211 2019.02.11
Fixed the error of moving the graph when the panel is minimized!
Versão 19.206 2019.02.06
- In the CLP block, when closing positions by profit in points, the profit in the deposit currency will be additionally checked.
Actual when closing positions with different volume of lots.
If the adviser can close positions by profit in points, but the profit in the deposit currency is less than 0, then the adviser will not close the position, but will wait for the positions to gain profit in the deposit currency> 0.
- Text labels with information about open positions are reduced, to save space.
- Cosmetic enhancements.
Versão 19.201 2019.01.30
Global Update 2019
- Improved graphics part of the panel. Re-design of individual elements;
- Added the ability to resize the panel: GeneralSize!
- GeneralSize default = 12, Increasing the size of the panel.
- Last panel size with GeneralSize = 10!
- Text labels of open positions optimized. Fixed error when text labels were drawn on top of the VirtualTradePad panel;
Versão 19.121 2019.01.21
Some graphical changes.
Versão 19.114 2019.01.17
Global Update 2019:
- When using CLP_DeleteStopOrders = true and the CloseALL buttons, the choice of characters to close is taken into account (All symbols, only the current one);
- Added hints to external variables when setting up the program;
- Added language selection tips Language: Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), German, Chinese, Japanese;
By default, the language of prompts will be determined automatically by the language of your terminal. You can also choose your language;
The translation was made using the GOOGLE Translator + MQL + Terminal site!
If you find an error in your language, please report it in messages. Thank!
- Parameter and function Sounds replaced by a more advanced function from our EAPADPRO
Added new parameters:
Notice_Open_Push = false;
Notice_Open_Sound = true;
Notice_Close_Push = false;
Notice_Close_Sound = true;
Notice_Modify_Push = false;
Notice_Modify_Sound = true;
Notice_Error_Push = false;
Notice_Error_Sound = true;
Notice_Open_NameSoundFromEa = "ok";
Notice_Close_NameSoundFromEa = "alert2";
Notice_Modify_NameSoundFromEa = "stops";
Notice_Error_NameSoundFromEa = "timeout";
You can enable / disable sound when opening, closing, modifying, error, as well as specify the name of the sound file (without .wav)
You can also enable notification to the phone (PUSH messages) when opening, closing, modifying, an error.
Additional information is displayed in the log.
- The ShowInfoPosition function has been updated; now the position information on the chart will not overlap our panel. Dynamic change of coordinates of information data on a chart.
- Font name changed to Roboto
Versão 18.945 2018.10.17
The parameters of the number of attempts to close and open positions using one-click trading are added in external variables:
NumberTryClose - The number of attempts to close a position.
When receiving an error from the server, the adviser tries to open / close.
Required with frequent requotes.

CLP Activation (Close if Profit or Loss Activation) Changed!
ON OFF buttons are added to the panel for more understandable action!
Versão 18.932 2018.10.01
- Added support for the work of the Expert Advisor and the CLP tab (Closing on Total Profit or Loss) on VPS hosting from MetaQuotes.
Versão 18.515 2018.05.23
- Fixed the error with profit trailing and closure at a loss, which occurred when using the closing on all symbols.

- Added a variable for specifying the currency pair for the panel to work with: SymbolToTradeCustom
This allows working on offline charts (Tick charts, Renko charts, etc.).
Attention: Be careful when writing the name. The name should exactly match the name in the Market Watch!
EurUSD - incorrect!
EURUSD - correct!
If this parameter is not set, the EA works on the currency pair it is attached to.

- Added the ability for Magic Target to work on an offline (Tick, Renko...) chart.

- Added the indication of the feature operation to the CLP tab.
If the indication is red, the feature is disabled and does not work;
If the indication is green, the feature is enabled and working.
Versão 18.309 2018.03.14
Fixed an error in the Close ALL button.
Versão 18.227 2018.03.06
- Added support for font scaling in Windows (font size settings are not available);

- Added support for multiple magic numbers. Updated the MagicNumber parameter: the first number denotes the magic number for opening positions and management. It is also possible to set multiple magic numbers to be managed;
For example:
--- MagicNumber=777 UseAllMagicFromAllAccount=true: the EA monitors all positions on the current symbol and on the entire account;
--- MagicNumber=777 UseAllMagicFromAllAccount=false: the EA monitors positions with the magic number 777 on the current symbol and on the entire account;
--- MagicNumber=777,888 UseAllMagicFromAllAccount=false: the EA monitors positions with the magic numbers 777 and 888 (opens positions with the magic number 777) on the current symbol and on the entire account;
--- MagicNumber=777,888,999 UseAllMagicFromAllAccount=false: the EA monitors positions with the magic numbers 777, 888 and 999(opens positions with the magic number 777) on the current symbol and on the entire account;

- When a new object appears on the chart, the panel is refreshed to avoid overlapping of objects on the panel;
Versão 17.979 2017.12.12
Cosmetic changes.

A new parameter has been added: CPL_AUTOOFF_AfterClose allows disabling the "Close if profit or loss" button after closing all positions.
The button is only disabled when ALL! positions are closed.
It takes into account the magic number specified in the EA, as well as the symbol for closing.
If closing only 1 currency is selected and the CPL_AUTOOFF_AfterClose is enabled, the EA waits for all positions of this currency pair to be closed, and only after that the button can be closed!

BugFix: Fixed dragging of trade levels (Stop Loss, Take Profit) when hovering over the panel and back.
Versão 17.970 2017.11.13
In the EA settings, changed the option for closing the terminal after all trades are closed.
Parameter CPL_CloseTerminalAfterClose - enable closing the terminal.
CPL_CloseTerminalAfterClose = true.
Terminal is closed only when ALL! positions are closed.
It takes into account the magic number specified in the EA, as well as the symbol for closing.
If closing only 1 currency is selected. If the CPL_CloseTerminalAfterClose parameter is enabled, the EA waits for all positions on the given currency pair to be closed, and cab close the terminal only after that!

Added the Show_Future_BE_TP_SL parameter to CLP - show the lines of the future position closure by total profit or loss..
Attention: it works only on the current symbol and with the 'SEPARATE Orders' mode disabled.
The lines are displayed separately for Buy and Sell positions, or by a common line.
If a line is not shown, then the positions form a lock that cannot be closed by the total profit or loss.
Note: line and price data may be inaccurate for floating spread.
Remember! SELL is closed by ASK, while BUY is closed by BID

Profit trailing can now be enabled only after setting the parameters for closing by profit.

Added the profit trailing values on the CLP panel near the input box for the distance of Trailing Profit. The value appears when the trailing level is fixed by the EA and shows the fixed level for closure.

Added block of alerts for profit and loss in the deposit currency.
If you want to limit the losses on the current client magic number, you can do that in the new block.
For example: you need the EA to send you emails and display on-screen alerts when the total loss of open and closed trades within LimitFor becomes less than -100 USD:

Set the parameters to the following:

After receiving the daily loss of -100 USD in history for the given magic number, the EA displays an on-screen alert and sends an email.
Attention: this block does not close trades! It simply displays alerts!
At the next LimitFor, this parameter is reset to 0.

You can select LimitFor= DAY;WEEK;MONTH;ALLTIME;
You can also enable sending email and push notifications when reaching the limits of NotificationMailSend

To the CLP panel for closing by profit or loss, added a block of notifications when closing positions by profit or loss. 3 notification methods are available:
CPL_AlerT - alert message
CPL_Mail - email message
CPL_Push - push notification
How to set up mobile device or email to messages from the Expert Advisor:

the MagicOrderToClose parameter has been replaced by 2 parameters:
MagicNumber - unique magic number of positions to close.
true = apply the function of closing by total profit or loss to all magic numbers.
false = set the unique magic number for closing positions in the MagicNumber parameter.
Versão 17.503 2017.05.11
- Fixed the error with the display of fractional numbers on the CLP panel: when entering fractional numbers in the fields Dollars, Percents and Profit trailing
Versão 17.118 2017.01.24
Fixed operation with long tickets
Versão 16.995 2017.01.13
General changes and improvements:
-Depending on the account currency, added the corresponding icon.
-Improved the function for displaying the trade levels when hovering the panel.
(when hovering the panel, the trade levels of the terminal are disabled, so that the stop levels are not caught when pressing buttons).
-Fixed and improved the function for calculating commission and swap for INFO,CLP.

CLP tab:
-Added parameter Use_Lots_in_CLP_Points for working with the CLP tab - true - the EA will also consider the lot of those positions during calculation of profit points. This option can be useful in trading on a hedging account with different lots.

For example:
opened 2 SELL positions on EURUSD
SELL 0.01 with profit of 20 and 0.2 USD
SELL 0.02 with loss of -12 points -0.24 USD

-If Use_Lots_in_CLP_Points = false the EA will calculate the "net" points.
In this case, the Profit will be: -0.04 USD or 8 points.
As we can see, the position gained profit in points, but it is a loss in USD.

-If Use_Lots_in_CLP_Points = true the EA will calculate points with consideration of lots.
In this case, the profit will be: -0.04 USD or -4 points.
If calculation of profit is in points and the "Include lots in profit calculation" is enabled,
the EA will find the minimum lot of the provided positions and calculate the Points on that basis.
For example:
Minimum position 0.01, 1 "net" point = 1 point,
If a position is opened with a lot of 0.02, then 1 net point = 2 points with consideration of the lot.
If a position is opened with a lot of 0.05, then 1 net point = 5 points with consideration of the lot.

-Added checking of the input values for closing profit or loss:
If the specified profit is lower than the current - system generates a warning and disabled the closure mode.
If the specified loss is greater than the current - system generates a warning and disabled the closure mode.
If set to 0 and user attempts to enable closure - system generates an error.
-Added the AutoCorrect_LevelCLP parameter:
Only negative values can now be entered to the loss field. If user enters +10, the system automatically converts it to -10.
Only positive values can now be entered to the profit field. If user enters -10, the system automatically converts it to +10.

Only a positive value can be entered in the CLP_TralOptions, otherwise the EA generates an error.
Versão 16.990 2016.12.13
Now commission and swap are included into profit calculation.
Versão 16.128 2016.02.01
The Expert Advisor is completely replaced by the CLP control panel
The 'Close if Profit or Loss' operation algorithm is completely identical
Now you have the option to use the EA as a panel on the chart

VirtualTradePad "CLP style"
Main Features:

The panel can work only on its own symbol (Current Symbol) or consider the total profit or loss by all symbols (All symbols).
The panel can be used as a virtual Stop Loss or Take Profit. To do it, set the profit and loss size in pips (Profit p or Loss p), put checkmarks and select your symbol. The Expert Advisor will close positions for the selected symbol considering the number of pips obtained or lost.
You can choose the close type: by profit in dollars, in pips or in % of balance or by loss in dollars, in pips or in % of balance.
There is also the "CLOSE ALL" button that instantly closes the current symbol position or all positions (depending on your choice).
The current state of your account is displayed right on the panel in three different ways corresponding to the close types.

Start the panel on your currency pair chart.
On the panel select the option to close positions by all symbols or by the current symbol.
To activate the options for selecting the close type, you need to specify a non-zero value for the corresponding parameters. Note that a positive value must be specified for the profit and a negative value must be specified for the loss, for example: -100.
Check the options you want to use for closing.
Enable the Close if Profit or Loss button, it should become blue. It means that the Expert Advisor has started working.
Once the profit or loss of your position crosses the set levels, the positions will be closed.
The emergency button CLOSE ALL is intended for closing all positions instantly.

SEPARATE Orders for separate calculation and deletion of each position.
"Virtual Stop Loss and Take Profit" mode.
For example, if you set closure by loss to $ -5 and closure by profit to 100 points, each trade will be closed separately by a loss of $ -5 or by profit of 100 points.

Separate BUYSELL, which allows to calculate a close positions by the net profit or loss separately for BUY and for SELL.
Revised the signal system for the Signals panel.
This tab shows the trend by the timeframe and indicator. Previously signal was shown at the time of its triggering. Now the current trend is shown.

Added the function to save the settings during the terminal reboot, the change in settings inside the panel, when closing the panel on the chart and attaching the panel to the chart.
All variables and data changes made in the panel are now saved when the terminal is restarted.
If you turn off the terminal and turn it on again - all the parameters will be re-loaded from the global variables.

Added the TrailingProfit function to the CLP tab:
Trailing Stop at Closing.
A new function for trailing profits has been implemented on user demand. In this case, the profit is fixed with some correction. As soon as the profit reaches the specified value, the Expert Advisor saves the current profit level and starts trailing the profit.

For example:
If you made settings for closing at the profit of 10 dollars:
Profit $ - positive closing.
Profit $ - value of positive closing.
TrailingProfit- distance from Profit $, which, when reached, triggers trailing of profit.
If Profit $ is set to 10 and TrailingProfit is set to 5 the Trailing Stop will be set at 5 dollars. The Trailing Stop will come into play when the Expert Advisor passes the 10 dollar line and start moving following the profit. The Journal will show entries about the current profit status.
When the total profit falls below the last fixed level, TrailingProfit, the Expert Advisor will perform forced closing of all position.

The function works for all closure types: Every symbol, Current symbol, Separate BUY and SELL direction, Each order separately.
Versão 15.935 2015.10.07
Updated profit visualization during trailing.
Versão 15.932 2015.10.05
Improved visualization on the screen!

New block:
PROFITLOSS_EXTRASETS4 - alert of profit and loss in the deposit currency.
If you want to limit losses for the current custom magic, use this new block.
Example: you want the EA to send an email and show a pop-up alert when the total loss of open and closed deals within LimitFor falls below -$100.

Use the following parameters:

When the magic's loss on history reaches -$100 per day, the EA will show a pop-up alert and send an email.
Attention: This block does not close deals! It only generates an alert!
For the next LimitFor this parameter is reset to 0.

You can set LimitFor= DAY;WEEK;MONTH;ALLTIME;
Versão 15.901 2015.09.02
Updated algorithm of forced closure of positions and orders, if an order has been closed manually.

PROFITLOSS_EXTRASETS4 - a block for limiting profit and loss in the deposit currency.
If you want to limit losses with current settings, you can do it in the new block.
E.g.: You want to limit trade opening after the total loss for 1 day (week or month) equal to -100 USD
You will have the following parameters:

After the loss in history with the given settings reaches -100 dollars for one day, you will receive an alert prompting you either to change the parameters or delete the EA that opens trades.
The next day, this parameter is reset to 0.

You can choose LimitFor= DAY;WEEK;MONTH;ALLTIME;
Versão 15.123 2015.01.23
Added options for closing the terminal after the closure of a series of trades
  CloseTerminalAfterClosePROF - disable the terminal after fixing profit.
  CloseTerminalAfterCloseLOSS - disable the terminal after fixing loss.

Improved profit trailing.
xtern double TralOptions=5;
extern double TralOptionsStep=2.