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Table of currency pairs

Table of currency pairs has been developed to aid in Forex trading using a method based on correlation dependence of currency pairs. Table with correlation values of currency pairs with customization options for calling the "Alert" function and signals to the mobile device.

Indicator Parameters

  • Revers quotes - reverse quotes.
  • Direct quotation - direct quotes.
  • TimeFrame - timeframe.
  • InpPeriodBars - sampling period.
  • Price - parameter for calculation.
  • Period RSI - RSI indicator period.
  • The minimum difference RSI, % - relative value of divergence of two instruments.
  • Template - applied template.
  • Font - font.
  • Text size - text size.
  • Line interval - line spacing.
  • Color of table names - color of table titles.
  • Color of the axes - color of axes.
  • The level of positive correlation - positive correlation level.
  • Positive correlation color - positive correlation level indication color.
  • The level of negative correlation - negative correlation level.
  • The color of the negative correlation - negative correlation level indication color.
  • The color of the other values - color of other table values.
  • Negative correlation alert - negative correlation alert.
P.S. Two charts of currency pairs can be called by hovering the mouse cursor over a table value and left-clicking while holding the "Ctrl" key. The template should be placed in "Files".
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