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New Bar Alarm Pro

This indicator alerts you when/before new candle bar formed.

In other words,this indicator alerts you every 1/5/30/60/240 minutes.

This indicator is especially useful for traders who trade when new bars formed.

*This indicator don't work propery in strategy tester.Use Free Version to check functionality in live trading.

Input Parameters

  • Alert_Or_Sound =Sound ----- Choose alert or sound or both to notify you when new bar is coming.
  • Enable_1mBarAlert ----- Enable alert for 1 min bar
  • diff_1m ----- If this value is 5,the indicator notify to you 5 seconds before new 1m bar.
  • ChooseSoundFor1mBar ----- You can choose sound for 1mBarAlert from ok.wav,news.wav,news.wav  and alert.wav.
  • Enable_5mBarAlert
  • diff_5m
  • ChooseSoundFor5mBar
  • Enable_15mBarAlert
  • diff_15m
  • ChooseSoundFor15mBar
  • Enable_30mBarAlert
  • diff_30m
  • ChooseSoundFor30mBar
  • Enable_1hBarAlert 
  • diff_1h
  • ChooseSoundFor1hBar
  • Enable_4hBarAlert
  • diff_4h
  • ChooseSoundFor4hBar
  •  plus_hour ----- Define GMT+X.If you live in New York(GMT+4),set this -4.This setting applys to alert for 4h bar.
  • show_current_time ----- Show current time on chart
  • timer_Xposition ----- Timer position
  • timer_Yposition
  • color1=Yellow

How To Use

Set parameters.

You can change alarm sound and so on.

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