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Spider Grid

This is a grid EA that trades on all timeframes, pairs and instruments. You are to desire where and how to use it. The EA uses a four level system for signal confirmation, which allows you to filter out false market entry signals. 3 indicators are used for trading. Having received a signal to enter the market, the EA opens a Market Execution order, which is closed by TP. The EA uses martingale, to reduce the risk it is possible to automatically decrease or increase of the martingale multiplier. In addition, you can automate the step change to either side, increasing or decreasing it. The market is unpredictable, so most of the time the open orders wait to be closed - from several hours to several days and even weeks. In this case, the robot does not wait for the closure of the losing grid of orders, it processes all signals and trades in both directions.

Input parameters

  • TF - Expert Advisor timefram
  • RSI_Period - the RSI indicator period
  • MFI_Period - the MFI indicator period
  • CCI_Period - the CCI indicator period
  • CountBars - Number of bars, the signal to open a position must be confirmed on these bars.
  • MaxOrders - Maximum number of orders
  • FirstLots - Initial order lot
  • Lot_Proc_from_Balance is a function of the initial lot in % of the Deposit, if 0-disabled
  • Martin - Martingale
  • MartinPlus - Value of Martingale change for every next order. If the value is positive, Martingale is increased, if the value is negative, it is reduced, if 0-disabled
  • GridStep - Step in the grid of orders
  • GridStepPlus - Auto change of step in grid orders. If the value is positive, step increases, if negative, decreases it, if 0-disabled
  • TP_pips - Take profit in points
  • SL_pips - Stop loss in points
  • Trail_SL_start - Trailing stop in points
  • Trail_SL_pips - Trailing stop distance, specified in points.
  • OneCycle - When enabled, the EA stops opening new order series after closing Buy and Sell grid. Re-launch the EA to let it operate in normal mode again.
  • Magic - Magic number

Be sure to use a VPS and a low spread broker. Study the EA operation after purchase, and then you can run it on a real account. If you have any questions, please contact me for help in installation and configuration.

krot84 2017.11.03 11:07 

Отличный советник. Спасибо Автору!

MozalevskyAlex 2016.10.05 07:10 

Пока ставлю отзыв за клиентский сервис. Михаил оперативно отвечает на возникающие вопросы, помогает разобраться как с инструментом, так и непонятными для начинающего трейдера вопросами с настройкой. Для теста открылся на центовом счете на Альпари. Спустя пару недель отпишусь по результатам работы советника.

Seerkat 2016.09.14 00:44 

Excellent profitable EA. Good job in coding this.

asaens15 2016.08.19 14:44 

Works well for its intended purpose

Prathan Nuanprasit
Prathan Nuanprasit 2016.07.05 17:25 

Ok.good job.

Vladimir Severin
Vladimir Severin 2016.04.16 15:18 

Отлично реализованная идея!!! Автор отзывчивый, помог с установкой и помогает с настройками. Спасибо Вам Михаил. Депо растет=).

da_lan_izz 2016.04.15 21:26 

Another great and profitable Ea from Mikhail!

Mikhail Rasporskiy
Mikhail Rasporskiy 2016.04.15 13:45 

давно ждал этой версии.спасибо автору.советник супер

Version 3.0 - 2017.11.24
1. Fixed closing of orders by TP if the slippage is above or below.
2. Fixed operation of the Trail_SL_start parameter with the Sell order grid.
Version 2.0 - 2016.09.06
Added OneCycle function. When enabled, the EA stops opening new order series, while the existing order grid is still managed by the EA till closed. If 'false', the function is disabled. After enabling, the EA stops opening new grids. Re-launch the EA on the chart to let it trade again.