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This is an arbitrage indicator. It displays the graph of the sum or difference of an arbitrary amount of various symbols.

The data is entered in the following format: "MIX-3.16 - RTS-3.16 - SI-3.16". Entered symbol names should strictly match the Market Watch ones. " - " or " + " signas are used as separators.

The amount of symbols is not limited. They can be connected with each other by addition and subtraction. Multiplication and division (including division by number) are not supported.

2016.03.25 00:23 

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Version 1.6 - 2016.12.30
Fixed the shift of the indicator chart relative to the main chart on the history data
Version 1.4 - 2016.04.12
It is now possible to add ratios before instruments. Ratios can only be integers, only used as multipliers.