Objects on the map change position and size


Hello everyone,

I have a problem with the objects on the chart in MT4.

At the time when a new trading day begins (Sydney session) all placed objects (trend lines, rectangles, etc.) change their dimensions and position on the map. I want to keep the position and dimensions of these objects intact but this happens automatically.

I don't know why it happens.

Please help me to solve this problem if possible.

William Roeder #:

Do you really expect an answer? There are no mind readers here and our crystal balls are cracked. Always post all relevant code (using Code button) or attach the source file.
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          Be precise and informative about your problem

We can't see your broken code.


Sorry, I don't know how to code so I can't send the code but only an illustration of this problem which leads to confusion in technical analysis.

pic_1.png  52 kb
pic_2.png  62 kb