MT5 today data can only be optimized after 12:01 am of the new day..MT5 works with Broker time and my broker is the only broker in USA that trades Futures via MT5


I use MT5 and optimize parameters for the best inputs during previous 2 weeks and trade it present day.

My present day starts at 12:00 am, I am in Pacific Time Zone.

For MT5, it means I can only include yesterday day at 12:01 am present day and therefore must start my optimization at 12:01 am.  

It is a real problem, because I have to wait to midnight to optimize and input new parameters into ea to use it for present day. 

I had no issues on MT4 as I could start optimization on the present day after the market closed. MT5 works on the brokeer time and only releases data for previous day at 12:01 am of a new day.  

I can not change brokers because my is the only broker that is working with MT5 trading Futures. 

Any solutions? Help? 



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in MT5, is there a way to stop optimization at predefined number of iterations without manually seeing the number and pressing the Stop button?

Fernando Carreiro, 2023.02.25 19:00

Then write your code to self-optimise in real-time. Historical tick and bar data is available to the EA in real-time while trading.

So have the EA process that data during idle time and simulate or carry out virtual trades with various input parameter combinations.

You can keep a running database of these virtual trades with running metrics within a time period of analysis. Then you can have your EA select the best option at regular interval or continuously based on whatever metrics you wish to track.

If I remember correctly, there should be an example of such an EA in the Articles that does self-optimsation on a moving average strategy.

EDIT: Instead of keeping a database, you can instead use incremental calculations using exponential moving averages of the metrics. This way, there is no extra storage space requirements and CPU overhead is low, and you have the metrics available for continuous adaptation of your strategy.

Another option is to use a Custom Symbol with the data as the original symbol, but shifted in time, but then you will not be able to use the "cloud".
Fernando Carreiro #:

Right, I can not use cloud and I am not a developer, is there anything I can be doing from the layman point of view?  

driven #: Right, I can not use cloud and I am not a developer, is there anything I can be doing from the layman point of view?  

No, not really!

I would suggest hiring a good programmer to improve your code, both for speed and and for self-optimisation.