Bank of Japan (BoJ) Summary of Opinions

JPY, Japanese yen
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BoJ Summary of Opinions is published 8 times a year, 10 days after the announcement of monetary policy and interest rate decisions. The Summary describes the regulator's opinion concerning the current state of affairs and the prospects of inflation and economic growth. It reflects consensus view of the Bank of Japan board members about the economic and monetary situation in the country and clarifies their decision on the monetary policy.

The Bank of Japan has one Governor, two Deputy Governors, the Members of the Policy Board (six), the Auditors (three or fewer), the Executive Directors (six or fewer), and the Counselors (a few). The Governor, Deputy Governors and Executive Directors are appointed by the Cabinet with the consent of the House of Representatives.

This report includes inflation and economic growth forecasts from the Bank of Japan. The effect of the opinion summary on the Japanese Yen depends on the forecast.