CExpertTrailing is a base class for trailing algorithms, it does nothing but provides the interfaces.

How to use it:

1. Prepare an algorithm for trailing;
2. Create your own trailing class inherited from CExpertTrailing class;
3. Override the virtual methods in your class with your own algorithms.

You can find an examples of trailing classes in the Expert\Trailing\ folder.


CExpertTrailing is a base class for implementation of trailing stop algorithms.


   class CExpertTrailing : public CExpertBase


   #include <Expert\ExpertTrailing.mqh>

Inheritance hierarchy




Direct descendants

CTrailingFixedPips, CTrailingMA, CTrailingNone, CTrailingPSAR

Class Methods by Groups

Checking of Trailing Stop Conditions


virtual CheckTrailingStopLong

Checks conditions to modify parameters of the long position

virtual CheckTrailingStopShort

Checks conditions to modify parameters of the short position

Methods inherited from class CObject

Prev, Prev, Next, Next, Save, Load, Type, Compare

Methods inherited from class CExpertBase

InitPhase, TrendType, UsedSeries, EveryTick, Open, High, Low, Close, Spread, Time, TickVolume, RealVolume, Init, Symbol, Period, Magic, SetMarginMode, ValidationSettings, SetPriceSeries, SetOtherSeries, InitIndicators