CTrailingFixedPips is a class with implementation of Trailing Stop algorithm based on fixed points trailing.

CTrailingFixedPips class implements the following algorithm of trailing open positions: If Stop Loss level is equal to zero, Stop Loss order modification condition is considered unfulfilled, therefore there is no suggestion to change a position's Stop Loss. Otherwise, the check of whether the price has moved in favorable direction is performed.

If a position has a Stop Loss order, it checks the minimal allowed Stop Loss distance to the current price. If the position has no Stop Loss level, the distance between the current and open prices is checked. If the distance exceeds Stop Loss level, the system suggests to set a new Stop Loss price.

If Stop Loss modification condition is fulfilled and Take Profit is not equal to zero, the system suggests setting a new Take Profit price.

If Expert Advisor class has been initialized with the flag every_tick=false, it will perform all operations (trading, trailing, etc) only at the new bar on a working symbol and timeframe. In this case, setting Take Profit order allows you to close position when the price moves in the position direction before a new bar appears.


CTrailingFixedPips implements the Trailing Stop algorithm at a specified "distance" from the current price (in points).


class CTrailingFixedPips: public CExpertTrailing


   #include <Expert\Trailing\CTrailingFixedPips.mqh>

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Sets the value of Stop Loss level


Sets the value of Take Profit level

virtual ValidationSettings

Checks the settings

Check Trailing Methods


virtual CheckTrailingStopLong

Check Trailing Stop conditions of a long position

virtual CheckTrailingStopShort

Check Trailing Stop conditions of a short position

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