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NewsGrabber Platinum Elite

NewsGrabber Platinum Elite is a fully automatic news trading robot which is based on the most precise and powerful news trading algorithm today (from my experience of using several popular news trading EAs on live accounts and results I’ve got).

After putting different news trading software on test, I have soon noticed the advantage of execution NewsGrabber Platinum Elite has over competitors thanks to this truly unique algorithm I developed during over 2 years of work and experimentation.


  • 4 and 5 digit platform support;
  • MT4 b600+ full compatibility;
  • Breakeven and Trailing Stop;
  • Broker Minimum Stop Level usage in order to avoid related errors;
  • Broker Minimum and Maximum Lot size usage in order to avoid related errors;
  • Risk Management;
  • Floating Pending orders;
  • Special UNIQUE algorithm to exclude Pending Order rejections due to fast price movements - Never miss another trade;
  • Special UNIQUE algorithm to minimize slippage like no other EA does;
  • Double Order Verification by Magic Number and Order Comment in order to avoid any type of interference from/to other robots;
  • Max_Spread parameter to filter maximum allowed spread before news release (very helpful on floating spread accounts);
  • All the news events are loaded and filtered automatically from online economic calendar;
  • Currency pairs to trade: determined automatically according to country where news are released (if you have an account with non-standard instrument names like EURUSD.xp, you can add correspondent suffixes and prefixes from input parameters);
  • Advanced users can also change calendar properties from input parameters;
  • After purchasing the robot, please contact me to send you the complete easy-to-use step-by-step one-page user manual, advices and recommended brokers to you;
  • Free lifetime support and updates.



  • domain: domain / ip of economic calendar to be used (accompanied with http://prefix);
  • startTimePrefix: url prefix used before start date (for economic news data loading);
  • endTimePrefix: url prefix used before end date (for economic news data loading);
  • additionalParameters: additional parameters to be included in URL;
  • dateSeparator: separator to put between year, month and day in URL;
  • dayStart: start Time (GMT) for the day;
  • dayEnd: end Time (GMT) for the day.


  • Remove_Pending_After_Seconds: seconds after news release to remove orders if not triggered;
  • Max_Spread: do not trade if spread exceeds this number 9 seconds before news release.


  • Magic_Number: magic number for identifying orders;
  • Universal_Comment: order Comment for additional order verification;
  • Take_Profit: Take profit distance in pips (automatically adjusted for 4 and 5 digit brokers);
  • Stop_Loss: Stop Loss distance in pips (automatically adjusted for 4 and 5 digit brokers);
  • Trade_Risk: the (decimal) part of Account Balance and Account Credit to be used per each order; 0.1 means (Balance+Credit)*0.1 = 10% initial risk per trade. This parameter is overridden if volume exceeds minimum or maximum lotsize and correspondent limit value is used instead;
  • instrument_prefix: prefix to be added on standard instrument names like EURUSD or GBPUSD;
  • instrument_suffix: suffix to be added on standard instrument names.


  • Use_Trailing_Stop: if true, Trailing_Step parameter will be used for Expert's each position to trail the stop;
  • Trailing_Step: trailing stop distance in pips for Expert's positions;
  • Use_Break_Even: if true, Expert will lock Break_Even_Lock_Pips pips after Move_Break_Even_Pips pips in profit on each Expert's position;
  • Move_Break_Even_Pips: profit in pips for Break Even to be activated;
  • Break_Even_Lock_Pips: pips to be locked after Break Even Activation.


News trading is risky and not all brokers are suitable, if you decide to trade with brokers outside of recommended brokers list, test them well and carefully, start with a little deposit. Only invest the amount you do not care to lose (even with my recommended brokers) because nothing is guaranteed, on the other hand, if it works fine you’ll make substantial income with small deposits and remember to withdraw profits regularly.

Matthew Todorovski
2016.08.13 12:01 

Automated trading works for me. Please sign-up using my Referral link below and PM me your username. Once confirmed, I will share what EA works for me. Your success = my success.


2016.08.05 14:40 

EA works but author often gets the dates wrong so you have to constantly check them and even if told he will not update the calendar in time

2016.07.31 17:28 

Great EA. Highly recommended for news trading

Pedro Miranda
2016.03.02 12:17 

It's a good EA. It selects new events wisely. My trades are more or less similar to the author's signal. But, the EA has a few bugs that need to be corrected: 1 - it keeps me giving error messages asking me to allow certain URL on the web request preferences, even though the URL is already allowed. 2 - we can not change settings, if not the EA stop working. In this case we need to open a new chart and put the new settings. It not a huge issue, but it is a bit annoying.


Small update.

The EA is doing the same profits on my account as the author`s account.

2016.02.28 09:46 

Author was helpfull with my questions.

I checked it in 2 demos, 2 brokers (FXTM and FXCC). Negative balance in both.

2015.10.23 15:14 

Selecting a good expert for real account is not easy: too many factors to take in consideration. After testing different experts I'm mainly trading with NewsGrabber Platinum Elite and SmartBreakout.

I've got NewsGrabber Platinum Elite a while ago and it was difficult at first to find a good broker (NewForex and InstaForex don't like scalpers although results were good) but my AAAFX $A trades are now more similar to author's signal. As a news trader, definitely 5 stars: this is one and only fully automatic news expert advisor I've ever seen that has a profitable live monitoring with a regulated broker. Keep in mind that you will never be able to eliminate slippage completely in your trading, so I recommend risking accordingly.

Ivan Krutskikh
2015.10.15 10:05 

Хороший советник,

Алгоритм реально продуманный!

При использовании с хорошими поставщиками ликвидности приносит стабильный доход!!!

Gustavo Dos Reis
2015.09.16 11:41 

Thumbs up for the author, he is a very kind person and very supportive.

I have managed to fix the calendar update issue following the author instructions. Also I've got two excellent trades in the last two months with Alpari ECN.

Lee Bryant
2015.09.15 20:50 

Seller has resolved issue which existed and the EA provides good returns on demo account but not easy to find a broker where it will work live, good EA overall though

Stacey B.
2015.09.14 18:46 

Got lots of wins with Newforex, buuuuut..... they don't let to withdraw my money, saying that my EA is cheating T_T I'm disappointed, upset and angry but it's not an EA problem. Anyways, still have some unpleasant feeling.... Give 5 stars with pain in my heart ^_^'

Mullins Global Pty Ltd
2015.08.23 12:16 

I do not recommend this EA, the author was helpful and the concept of placing 2 pending orders (buy and sell) around scheduled news is great however due to spread widening and slippage around news time I think this EA will never work ideally. It's a shame.

2015.08.20 20:49 

I have tried this EA on different brokers, and in the beginning only one of them was profitable with this EA. But now it's not profitable anywhere.

Пробовал советник на разных брокерах, вначале прибыльной была торговля только на одном из них. Но сейчас везде только убытки.

2015.08.04 15:17 

Worst investment of my life 128$. The author just advertised the EA with a broker that does not accept this strategy, and get us the loosers to pay him money. Now no more updates or test on other brokers.

The EA works only with few brokers!

Don't trust him!!!

Marian-Vasile Lazar
2015.07.26 22:01 

This EA works ok, but you can't find brokers where you can trade with it. And it is very very very expensive.

I don't recommend to buy it!

If the author test some more brokers and change some parameters, i can change this reting, but until 1/5.

2015.07.07 07:19 


2015.06.23 18:18 


Alejandro Rodriguez Torres
2015.06.18 16:30 

The EA works good, the problem is that the brokers are not very good for news trading, sometimes they even lie to you and get profit from your account by closing your trade in a different price.

I couldn't make profit with this EA because i lost everything in a bad trade, but at first i was making money so i can't say its a bad EA, its good and working, plus Besarion is a great person, he gives a very good support service and is very friendly, and I appreciate that a lot.

I am giving 5 stars because the product offered is what it is and the author is also very nice, but keep in mind that you can't always make profit, test it with very low equity first and in different brokers because it's very dangerous to risk all your money.

Good luck!

Yuji Morita
2015.05.30 04:24 

my first trade by OCTA FX micro is very good

add 5/30 : OCTAFX couldn't profit yesterday

2015.05.24 09:04 

After my interaction with Author (Besarion) and using News Grabber Platinum Elite fore the last one month, I must say that the author is simply superb. He has provided excellent support. Very helpful and quick in clarifying the installation issues.

I must confess that I made a decent profit in this month using this EA.

I strongly recommend to any one who is interested in news trading.

Indeed, many thanks Besarion for your excellent work on this EA and support to the users of this EA.

Sinisa Sinjori
2015.05.07 09:25 

If you choose the right broker (you can find broker recommendation in manual, so that's not a problem at all), this EA is a real magic! Support is above fantastic! I have just positive words to describe experience with this EA and it's author.

版本 8.3 - 2015.06.24
- Expert automatically adds necessary instruments into MarketWatch if they aren't already there.
- if orders aren't sent, reason is written on the correspondent vertical line.
- if orders are sent: detailed open prices are written on the correspondent vertical line.
- Potential upcoming news list: news date and time are shown first.
- Potential upcoming news list: the list is updated and handled correctly now.
- IsTradeContextBusy and IsTradeAllowed are handled, should fix performance issues and lagging in some cases.
- Separate Take Profit inputs for each type of news.
- Added custom Font Size input for all non-comment (upper-left corner) texts.
- Added custom Fixed/Floating Spread selector in inputs.
- Readded custom order comment input after a request.
版本 8.2 - 2015.05.29
- more intuitive interface
- re-added magic number input after a request
- included a more sophisticated (additional) custom calendar
- added a list of potential upcoming news
版本 8.1 - 2015.05.14
- minor improvements
- fixed suffix and prefix inputs
版本 8.0 - 2015.05.12
- Improved Lotsize indicator
- Information panel made more intuitive
- Most inputs were automated for simplified usage
- Fully automatic order identification
- News are checked more often for possible changes
- Option to round down the volume even if a broker accepts it in calm market (on some brokers standart lot step seems not to work during news)
- Added weekend's "frozen" Market Watch time fix
- Fixed news time calculation issue on some brokers
- Added the internal download link for the owner's manual
版本 7.6 - 2015.04.27
- added the lot size indicator
- added Fixed_Lotsize option in the inputs
版本 7.5 - 2015.04.20
- Added custom news filters
- Automatic priority-wise selection if two important news come at a time
版本 7.4 - 2015.04.07
- Automatic country filters added.
- Minor fixes & improvements.
版本 7.3 - 2015.03.25
- greater order management stability
版本 7.2 - 2015.03.23
- Improved lot size calculation on 4-digit brokers.
- Order open and management blocks were separated and made more stable.