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The EA contains a combination of several trend and anti-trend virtual strategies with averaging with different parameters made with the help of GeneratorPro - there you will find the maximum number of settings and strategies.

The EA is easy to use. It is enough to choose a suitable strategy for the trading pair, set the Risk parameter and you can start trading. Open the M15 chart with the pair being traded and move the EA to it. Lots will be calculated automatically based on the balance, Deposit currency and Risk parameter.


  2. Period M15;
  3. The spread is less than 2.0;
  4. ECN account type;
  5. Leverage is 1: 200-1: 500. But with reduced risk, you can work with smaller leverage.
  6. Deposit for default settings (Risk 5000) = 5000 USD.


          1. In multi-currency trading, due to the probability of simultaneous drawdown, I recommend to select the Risk according to the following formula: Risk= (number of pairs+1)/2*5000. For example, with 5 pairs, the recommended risk is 15000.
          2. The EA is by default enabled all of the existing security system. Therefore, it can sometimes fix a loss. If this does not suit you, then try to weaken the security system, increase the VirtualStrategyBalance and VirtualStrategyMaxLots, in this case, the adviser will be less likely to fix the loss, but they can be more and the drawdown may increase.

          If you use the terminal on the desktop, the control buttons will be available for you:

          • Hide Info - hide information.
          • Restart - close everything and start again.
          • Stop - make a stop, the internal algorithm stops.
          • Close&Rem - close and remember losses for further work.
          • SlowClose - is a slow closing. New virtual strategies are beginning work.
          • Trade Not Allowed - trading is not allowed. The calculations continue, but the positions are not sent to the server.
          • Close Only - trade in the mode only closing positions without opening new ones.
          • - background.

          All calculations given above are theoretical, based on the tests.

          Positive results in the past do not guarantee positive results in the future.


          • Select Strategy - choice of strategy;
          • Risk-risk Parameter. The risk equal to 5000 on one pair will be considered normal. An increase in the parameter (for example 10000) is considered to be a decrease in riskiness, a decrease in the parameter (for example 2000) is considered to be an increase in riskiness. Some servers (a small number) may not have a standard margin calculation system, so the risk value may be different, you may need a correction of 100, or another value. Check in the strategy tester;
          • AutoFixBalance - Automatic setting FixedBalance. If the current balance is higher than FixedBalance, FixedBalance is equal to the current balance;
          • FixedBalance - if it is 0, the EA works with the entire Deposit balance, if it is not 0, it will work with the specified value. This value can be less or more than the current balance;
          • VirtualMaxLots (MaxTotalLots) – this is a limit on the maximum number of all lots from all virtual strategies. Real maximum number of all lots = Deposit / Risk * VirtualMaxLots*k, where k is equal to the ratio of the second pair to the Deposit currency. I.e. k=1 for EURUSD and USD Deposit;
          • VirtualStrategyBalance - balance of each virtual strategy;
          • VirtualStrategyMaxLots - maximum value of all lots of each virtual strategy. Virtual lots start at 0.01;
          • Auto GMT - enable automatic calculation of GMT and server time difference;
          • ManualGMTOffset - set your own terminal time difference minus GMT;
          • SummerTime - is the season of time. Use only when testing. Need to EA translated GMTOffset for one hour;
          • Slippage - slippage;
          • SpreadLimit - set the spread limit in points;
          • Commission - compensation of Commission from transactions;
          • Magic Number - unique number;
          • FIFO - use FIFO;
          • Partial Closure - partial closure if the calculated lot is less than the current position (recommended true);
          • Limit Orders of Symbol – limit open positions by symbol, 0 - no limit;
          • Close And Remember Before the Weekend - close, and to memorize the positions before the weekend.

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          Versión 1.2 2018.10.10
          - Added NZDCAD, AUDNZD, USDCAD2 strategy.
          * To apply the USDCAD2 strategy in Auto mode, you will need to press the Restart button, all positions will be closed.
          Versión 1.1 2018.10.09
          - Added AUDCAD strategy
          - Changed default value of SpreadLimit=2.0