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UNI Trend

UNI Trend Expert Advisor was created using trend indicators for profitable trading.

The trading system is suitable for both experienced traders and beginners.

The manual for the expert is attached in comment #1

Shows the best results on the trending market, on timeframes from H4.
Default settings for GBPUSD H4.
An Expert Advisor for stable trading with minimal risks.

Risk percent trading recommendations:
- for ultra conservative trading - 1%
- for the conservative - 3%
- for normal 5%.

Martingale is not used!
The grid is not used!
Not scalping!
No hedging is used!

The EA has a minimum of settings for ease of use, but at the same time, a sufficient number of settings for effective control of opened orders:

Volume open Lots: - to manually select the size of the open order
Risk percent per 1 order,%: - for automatic calculation of the size of the opened order, depending on the selected percentage of Money Management (the Stop Loss, pips parameter must be specified)
You can choose to use either Volume open Lots or Risk percent per 1 order,%, if one of the Volume parameters is selected, the other unused Volume parameter must be set to 0.

Trade Buy: - enable the ability to open buy orders
Trade Sell: - enable the ability to open sell orders
Stop Loss, pips: - Stop Loss size of the opened order
Take Profit, pips: - Take Profit size of the opened order
Slippage, pips: - the size of the allowable slippage when opening an order
Maximum spread, pips: - the maximum allowable spread for opening orders, if the spread is greater than this value, the order will not be opened,
which will save you from widening spreads, for example, during the Asian session.
Trailing Stop, ON / OFF: - the ability to enable / disable Trailing Stop
TS Start, pips: - start level of Trailing Stop
Trailing Stop, pips: - Trailing Stop level (if Trailing Stop is ON), then the Trailing Stop value must be greater than 0
TS Step, pips: - Trailing Stop step
Close part Take Profit: - the ability to enable / disable partial (in%) closing of an order when the partial Take Profit level (in%) is reached,
those. for example, you can close 70% of an open order if the price reaches 70% of the Take Profit level, and the rest will close when 100% of the Take Profit level is reached.
Volume part order for close,%: - what part of the order (in%) will be closed
Percent pips of TP for close part,%: - what level of Take Profit (in%) the price must reach in order to close a part of an open order
FAST Indicator - fast indicator settings
SLOW Indicator - slow indicator settings
Orders Magic: - the Magic order of opened orders, to distinguish which orders the Expert Advisor should work with
Order comment: - comment to opened orders
Open order send Alert: - enable / disable sending Alert when an EA opens an order
Open order send Push: - enable / disable sending a Push message to the mobile terminal when an expert opens an order
Open order send E-mail: - enable / disable sending an e-mail when an EA opens an order

In the work of the advisor, you can choose whether you want to use Stop Loss, Take Profit or Trailing Stop.
If you do not want to use any of these parameters, specify 0 in the parameter value.

Depending on the selected parameters, the logic of the advisor will change - for example, if you do not specify the Take Profit value, the advisor will hold a profitable deal on the trending market for a long time and will close by Trailing Stop.

My other experts for trading - https://www.mql5.com/en/users/a.medvedev/seller
Have a nice day and a profitable trade.
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Version 4.8 2020.08.11
Since the Expert Advisor is popular, changes and additions have been made to the Expert Advisor, which have led to an increase in the profitability of trading.

Important change:
In the market, if there are signals, there can be one sell order and one buy order.

Added new features:
1. Enabled and disabled Martingale, which will be used if the previous sell or buy order was closed with a loss.
2. Added the ability to choose to open new orders, if there is a signal, only at a certain time.
Version 3.6 2020.07.28
Optimized Trailing Stop operation.