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The Expert Advisor opens orders at the points of possible price reversal using repeated entries (adding to a position). 

Parameters for repeated entries (volume, price and time) are set by the functions. Function equations are integrated into the EA.

Only initial parameters and equation type should be selected for optimization.



By selecting different combinations of parameters and equations integrated into the EA, you can create its varieties that are quite different in their trading methods. For instance, you can create a product reminding well-known Ilan trading robot by its aggressive adding to positions. Or you can create the averager having much in common with the one used by Manov during the Championships. You can even create the trend-following EA if no repeated entries are used at all.

The Expert Advisor works on bar openings. Thus, "Open prices only" method can be used for optimization. M5 shows the best results, but you may also try other timeframes with no limitations. The trading robot uses Stop Loss and limitation by the number of open orders allowing you to save the account in case of too "aggressive" settings. The number of decimal places in the price of a symbol varies from 3 to 5.


Input Parameters

  • TakeProfit - the most easy-to-understand, specified for four decimal places;
  • StopLossStep - used for calculation of Stop Loss equal to StopLossStep*ReEnter Step;
  • LimOrdQuantity - maximum number of open orders;
  • Main Lot - initial lot value;
  • Lot Function - number of the function for lot size calculation (from 0 to 13);
  • ReEnter Step - initial value of the price grid for a repeated entry in points, specified for four decimal places;
  • ReEnter Function - number of the function for the price grid calculation (from 0 to 7);
  • Time Grid - initial interval for the time grid in bars;
  • Time Function - number of the function for the time grid calculation (from 0 to 3);
  • slippage - specified for four decimal places.
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Version 1.2 - 2014.08.21
Some little bugs fixed.