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Muholov Trend Trader

Multicurrency trend advisor.

  • Analyzes and trades up to 300 trading instruments simultaneously.
  • Always follows the trend.
  • 4 timeframes are taken for analysis: W1, D1, H4, H1. The main trend is determined by the highest selected timeframe (W1, D1, H4 - selected by a trader in the settings). Transactions open with a signal on H1.
  • Closing orders takes place by take profit or by chains, when the specified profit of the chain is reached (specified in the settings).


  • LotSize - base trade lot/volume for transactions against trend
  • min_order_live - minimum order lifetime for closing in minutes
  • signal_live - time to implement a trading signal in hours
  • order_limit - min order number in the chain to close
  • stop_level - level, below which orders are not be opened
  • stop_profit - profit in account currency (kopecks or cents) to close a series of orders (200 = $2 or 2 rubles).
  • max_order_limit - maximum number of open orders before the search in the opposite direction
  • user_tp - expose TP to each open order
  • maxProfit - maximum amount of profit on a warrant for compulsory closing... according to the DC limits (0.1 = 10% of the deposit)
  • Tries to download quotes - number of attempts to load history before moving to the next tool
  • language - language of comments rus/eng
  • max_instrument - number of trading instruments for simultaneous analysis and trading (1-300)
  • demo_start_depo - start deposit for a run in the strategy tester (should match the one selected in the MetaTrader)
  • TF_W1, TF_D1, TF_H4 - which timeframes should be used when selecting the main timeframe (W1, D1, H4).

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