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The Expert Advisor is recommended for trading EURUSD on the M5 timeframe. It keeps losing positions open waiting for them to become profitable. Market entry (and exit) points are calculated based on the correlation of a number of indicators. The trading volume for opening a position depends on results of previous trades. It is possible to limit the amount of risk (the AutoMM parameter). It is also possible to set the maximum spread, above which the EA will automatically suspend trading (the MaxSpread parameter).


  • VirtualSLandTP - set virtual or real stop loss and take profit levels.
  • TakeProfitL - take profit for buy orders.
  • StopLossL - stop loss for buy orders.
  • TakeProfitS - take profit for sell orders.
  • StopLossS - stop loss for sell orders.
  • FixedLot - fixed lot size.
  • AutoMM - risk limit (as a percentage).
  • MaxSpread - maximum spread, above which the trading will be suspended.
  • EA_Magic - magic number for identifying the EA's orders.
Marco Stacchiotti
Marco Stacchiotti 2018.06.21 11:28 

I suggest everybody, before to buy the EA, to test it with same parameters shown in Overview tab. You will have a bad surprise.

Zero stars are possible?

Mauro Giuseppe Tondo
Mauro Giuseppe Tondo 2018.06.06 00:02 

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akcxyu 2018.04.22 16:03 

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