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The Atlant Expert Advisor is based on combination of two basic indicators (moving average and momentum), available in the MetaTrader 4 terminal. When a buy (sell) signal appears, the EA opens a buy (sell) deal. When a repeated signal appears, the EA opens an additional deal, provided that the first base deal is at a loss. Thus, the EA forms a grid of orders. The volume of the first order and the volume of the newly orders can be customized in the input parameters. Also, the input parameters provide the ability to customize the maximum total volume of all grid orders.


  • Amount for a new position [lot] - lot of the first order
  • Maximum position amount [lot] - the total lot size for all orders of the grid (this parameter allows limiting the total volume of the grid)
  • Amount to add on addition [lot] - lot of the newly opened deals in the grid
  • Amount to close on reduction [lot] - close at a reverse signal
  • Stop Loss [point] - additional stop loss setting
  • Take Profit [point] - additional take profit setting
  • Break Even [point] - trailing stop
  • Martingale Multiplier - multiplier (martingale)
  • Indicator parameters Moving average - setting of the Moving average indicator
    • period - indicator period
    • Shift - indicator shift
  • Indicator parameters Momentum - settings of the Momentum indicator
    • period - indicator period
    • Additional smoothing - additional smoothing
    • Level - level
  • Indicator parameters Stop Limit - stop loss and take profit settings
    • Stop Loss - your stop loss
    • Take Profit - take profit
  • Expert Magic Number - unique number of the EA
  • Stop trading at min account - close all open deals and suspend trading when the equity reaches a certain value (in the account currency)
  • Ensure maximum Stop Loss [point] - safety stop loss
  • Bar closing advance [sec] - time limit between the bar closure and opening a deal
  • Write a log file - display the log values on the screen
  • Custom order comment - custom comment
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