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Handmade Scalp signal

The indicator is a full-fledged trading system based on four indicators. It consists of two lines indicating trend direction and power. Smooth lines mean strong trend, while broken lines indicate a weak one. Sell if the line appears above the price and buy if it appears below the price. Absence of lines indicates flat market. This is a good period for closing orders or waiting for an opposite signal.

The indicator has few settings:

  • arrow_indent - distance between the lines and the price chart.
  • use_alert - enable/disable the audio signal.
  • up_alert - enable a separate uptrend signal.
  • down_alert - enable a downtrend signal.

The indicator can be applied to any symbol and timeframe. The most efficient signals are generated on H1 and higher timeframes. Additional volatility and trend direction filters are recommended when working on lower timeframes.

The indicator neither repaints, nor cancels signals, though it can change its position. 

2016.06.01 02:32 

Very good indicator.

It's incredible that It has little consideration....

Really recommended for scalping !!!!

Five stars