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Magic of Ichimoku

Hello, I am Ayman from Egypt, I want to present an interesting indicator to you. It depends on Ichimoku Kinko Hyo, but there is a secret that i use in it. By using my indicator, you will be able to know a lot of important information in the market such as:


  1. You can avoid entry during market turbulence
  2. You can enter orders on the general trend only
  3. You will know if the trend is strong or weak
  4. If you entered an any orders by the help of this indicator you can know if the trend became weak or it is still strong, so you will be able to determine whether to continue with the position or not
  5. This indicator helps you to know if the trend became weak, so you will pay attention to it, but this doesn't mean you must close your position
  6. This indicator helps you to know the trend reversal's price so you can do quick orders (scalping)
  7. This indicator is very strong for all pairs and all the time frames so you can trade by long or short orders (scalping) .... etc.
  8. This indicator give you strong signals with stop loss and high take profit
  9. This indicator was created with high quality. This means you won't need to work with other indicators or other systems.
  10. All these secrets appear on arrows in the indicator, but i won't show you the way to use them on Ichimoku because it's secret but I'll explain the way of using these arrows by attached charts
  11. If Anyone will buy this indicator, he must send me a message, so i can send him some ways of using this indicator, that will help with the trading.
  12. This indicator expects strong upward waves and strong downward waves

Signal Types

  1. We have four arrows Aqua, Red, Lime, Magenta
    • Aqua means open buy
    • Red means open sell
    • Lime means close sell or support upward after the appearance of Aqua arrow
    • Magenta means close buy or support downward after the appearance of red arrow
  2. Open buy after the appearance of first Aqua arrow only, not after every Aqua arrow
  3. Open sell after the appearance of first Red arrow only, not after every Red arrow
  4. When Aqua arrow appears frequently, this mean upward trend is very strong
  5. When Red arrow appears frequently, this mean downward trend is very strong, so we will continue with the market
  6. When a candle or two candles don't show any arrows on them, this means the price became weak, so you must use trailing stop
  7. If Lime and Magenta arrows appear frequently, this means market is in turbulence, so don't enter with these arrows

Indicator Parameters

  • Bar back - this refers to number of Bars where the previous arrows are still appearing (on chart)
  • Arrow distance - this is the place of arrow under or above the candle by points
  • Alert On - true
  • Use_info chart - true
  • ic - this is variable in Ichimoku
  • inp Tenkan - this var1
  • inp Kijun - this var2
  • inp Senkou - this var3
  • as suitable time frames - i suggest M15,M30,H1,H4

We use default settings (no changes).

Note: I suggest watching videos (Back Test) in high quality (HD). For more inquiries please ask me in the Comments.

2016.02.23 12:15 

it's fantastic indicator have i ever seen but i see it need some additions to make indicator better in the world

for me i used macd and stochastic with your indicator so it gave me best results

i think your indicator will be better more if you added more indicator

this is my view

five stars

good luck

Version 1.2 - 2015.12.23
Now works on backtesting.