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Where is the list of trades after running a test???

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Mehala 2016.11.20 07:35 

Hello all.  I've been using NinjaTrader and decided to finally give MetaTrader a go.  I'm playing around with its options and chart appearances and things to become familiar.  And so far there's only one thing that's got me really confused so I'm thinking I just *must* be missing something simple here that has to be right in front of my face.

Where on earth is the list of trade executions that's supposed to happen when doing a test of an indicator or expert???  For every test I've run so far of different indicators & trying different settings/parameters in the Strategy Tester panel before clicking "Start", I get 4 tabs at the bottom of the Strategy Tester window:  Trade, History, Operations, Journal.  Only the "Journal" tab has anything in it, with the Trade tab showing the beginning balance and the History tab just saying zero trades total & filled & cancelled.

I'm convinced I'm missing something simple but with the different things I've tried I'm at a total loss as to what.  I've right-clicked the Indicator & tried both "Test" and "Attach To Chart."  Even the help/documentation doesn't give an explanation for why no trades would show in the list & I've followed that info for how to set up a test run.

Have an awesome day & thank you,


Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev 2016.11.20 08:15  
If you are trading (on demo or on real account) - History tab (and right mouse click there for more options). If you are testing in strategy tester so two more tabs will be appeared after testing will be finished: Graph and Results.
Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev 2016.11.20 08:17  

And where to start:

Forum on trading, automated trading systems and testing trading strategies

All (not yet) about Strategy Tester, Optimization and Cloud

Alain Verleyen, 2013.08.20 19:47

A must ! Before using it or asking any question : please read the Online Help  (Also accessible by F1 on your MT5 platform)

Strategy Tester

For Traders

For Programmers



Announce of the launch : MQL5 Cloud Network launched.

As Users

Some useful topic about usage of the Cloud :

As Providers (agents)

Work in progress, stay tuned !

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