Sveriges Riksbank Monetary Policy Report

SEK, Swedish krona

Riksbank Monetary Policy Report is published five times a year, after each monetary policy meeting. The report describes the discussions held by the bank members when making decisions on further monetary policy measures.

The purpose of this publication is to reveal the details of monetary policy and to help readers understand the underlying factors that influence the adopted decisions.

The report unveils the future prospects for inflation and economic activity based on monetary policy, which the Riksbank considers balanced and optimal in the current economic situation. The publication summarizes various data influencing the Bank's decisions. In addition, every Report contains a series of articles that provide a detailed analysis of pressing and particularly important issues concerning the economic development and monetary policy.

It is the most comprehensive publication of Sveriges Riksbank, which provides the detailed description the bank's actions, as well as analysis of the national economy and of the largest global economies. The analysis is provided with charts and tables. The report release is monitored by economists. However, since the report contains summary information, the publication rarely has a strong impact on the Swedish national currency.