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How to Write an Expert Advisor or an Indicator

MQL5 Source Code Library for MetaTrader 5 - 24

This is the largest free source code library for MetaTrader 5 platform programs. Here you can find ready-made Expert Advisors, technical indicators, scripts and libraries. Use the code library when learning MQL5 language and develop your own automated trading applications based on the provided codes.

You can freely download and test published codes, as well as launch them in MetaTrader 5. The library is also available directly from MetaTrader 5 platform and MetaEditor development environment.

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Exponential moving average variation

This is the trading signal of Bollinger Bands. The expert code for this strategy is automatically generated by the MQL 5 wizard.

Momentum ratio oscillator

Highest high & lowest low support resistance

RSI divergence candles

Filtered deviation scaled MA

Deviation scaled MA - extended

CCI of average - floating levels

Higher Highs & Lower Lows Stochastic

Stochastic extended - floating levels

MACD slope divergence

Rsi slope divergence

Two identical trading systems (for long and short positions) based on the signals of the FineTuningMACandle indicator, which can be configured in different ways within one Expert Advisor

The Expert Advisor combines signals from several indicators. It can also follow a certain indicator.

The indicator shows the gap size on the histogram.

XFisher_org_v2_Candle indicator provides alerts, sends email and push notifications at the incoming trading signals. Possible signal options

The Expert Advisor uses iMA (Moving Average, MA), iAO (Awesome Oscillator, AO) and custom Laguerre indicators.

XFisher_org_v2_Candle_Alert indicator with background filling for overbought/oversold areas, as well as for the channel between them

Exp_XFisher_org_v1 Expert Advisor based on XFisher_org_v1 oscillator signals.

Working by iMA (Moving Average, MA) and OHLC of W1 timeframe

Libraries based on the article "Random decision forest in reinforcement learning"

Candle Range Envelop indicator

Mean Indicator indicator

Now you can test the indicator and select the price type from the ENUM_APPLIED_PRICE enumeration

Slope Direction Line / Moving Average confirmation candles indicator

Slope Direction Line / Moving Average confirmation bars indicator

The indicator plots one vertical line per day in a specified moment of time

RSI_X20 indicator is able to color each line depending on its position relative to overbought and oversold areas

The indicator plots support/resistance levels and areas

ATRStops_v1 indicator in the candle form

ADX Fractal Signals indicator

Bollinger Bands Outside Candle Alert indicator

RSICloud indicator with background filling for overbought/oversold areas, as well as for the channel between them

Day of week indicator

Ehler's Center of Gravity indicator

Elder's Safe Zone indicator

Elder's Safe Zone Triple indicator

Highly Adaptable Moving Average Alert indicator

T3 Price Overlay indicator

Multiple strategies within a single Expert Advisor. When two or more strategies are activated, a position lot is increased exponentially.