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Currency Strength Expert - expert for MetaTrader 5


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2020.05.24 17:06
2020.10.31 03:32

This EA trades EURUSD and GBPUSD only by using simple Currency Strength Calculations.

This EA only gives Upward Graphics on 1 minutes OHLC mode only on Timeframe H4.


Input Value Descriptions
tmf PERIOD_H4  Strength Period Calculations
NumberofCandles 25  Number of Candles to Calculate 
ApplySmoothing  true  Apply Smoothing 
TriangularWeighting  true  Triangular Weighting 
HistoricalShift  Shift 
HighValue 7.0 Sell Value
LowValue 2.0 Buy Value
Stoploss 50 StopLoss
Takeprofit 50 Takeprofit
StartTime2 10 Opening Time (GMT)
FinishTime2 16 Last Open Position Time (GMT)
Lot 0.01 Lot Size
iMagicNumber 227 Magic Number
iSlippage 3 Slippage / Deviations
TrailingStop 70 Trailing Stop (in Points)
TrailingStep 10 Trailing Step (in Points)
Commentary  " "  Order Commentary
 Symbol Mode SelectedSymbols Symbol Mode 
 Symbols "EURUSD,GBPUSD"  Symbol to Trade (Separated by comma)
 SymbolPrefix "" Leave Blank if it hasn't 
 SymbolPostfix ""  Leave Blank if it hasn't 

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