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Trade Statistics Report Real Time - indicator for MetaTrader 5

jaffer wilson

votes: 12
2020.02.26 11:49

Real Author

This code is modified version of: Andrey Voytenko

The original code is available at:

This code will display the report in a panel on your chart.


The report is compared with the Metatrader5 Report:

Use it and let me know what you can suggest for.

What are the changes from the original code? Here they are:

    1. Calculation for Total Net profit improved.
    2. Calculation for Gross Profit and Gross Loss improved.
    3. The Drawdown calculation improved.
    4. Short Trades and Long Trades calculations improved.
    5. Initial Balance calculations improved.


This is free code and I am always open for suggestions to improve it. I will not permit anyone to make a product and sell the code. Please try remaining ethical.

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