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Base64Encrypt Class - library for MetaTrader 5

Nelson Wanyama

votes: 8
2020.05.30 10:17
2020.05.30 10:21
Script.mq5 (1.08 KB)view
//|                                                       Script.mq5 |
//|                                       Copyright 2020,Anonymous3. |
//|                                       |
#property copyright "Copyright 2020,Anonymous3."
#property link      ""
#property version   "1.00"
#include <CEncrypt.mqh>
//| Script program start function                                    |
void OnStart()
     CBase64 m_base;
     string input_string = " Copyright 2020,Anonymous3.";
     string encoded = m_base.Base64Encode(input_string);
     string decoded = m_base.Base64Decode(encoded);
     Print("Encoded = ", encoded);
     Print("Decoded = ", decoded);

Fast and easy base64 encryption class.

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