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Quick Market-watch Launcher v1.1 - script for MetaTrader 5

Nelson Wanyama

votes: 20
2020.05.30 10:31
2020.07.19 08:15

This is an updated and improved version, with an included updated of the license terms.

The spread parameter has been coded as a list of section variables, with an option to open all symbols on the market-watch. 

Usage is still simple.

//--- these are user input variables accessible from the terminal when launching the script
input ENUM_TIMEFRAMES Time_frame = NULL;
input spread Max_spread         = all_values;

//--- this is the SymbolInfo object(comes with the standard package) for ease of use of symbol properties.
CSymbolInfo m_symbol;

We loop through the market-watch and check symbol properties(spread and availability on the market-watch) while checking the spread suitability through a function of type int maxSpread(), which  processes the user inputs.

The loop:

for(int i = 0; i < SymbolsTotal(true); i++) {
          Pair = SymbolName(i, true);
          if(Pair == SymbolName(i, true)) {
               if(m_symbol.Name(Pair)) {
//--- check spread propertiex
                    int spread_limit = maxSpread(Max_spread);
                    if(spread_limit == -1)
                         ChartOpen(Pair, Time_frame);
                    else if(m_symbol.Spread() < spread_limit)
                         ChartOpen(Pair, Time_frame);
//--- close the attached chart since another instance is opened.
          if(i == 0)

Compile the file and launch it on any chart and select your preferred settings.

Your continued use of this product will serve as a confirmation of your agreement to the GNU license terms.

Enjoy your pips!

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