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Forex Calculators - expert for MetaTrader 5

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2020.02.22 18:53
2023.01.30 00:17
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Forex Calculator Set

  • Margin Calculator
  • Point Value Calculator
  • Position Size Calculator
  • Profit Calculator
  • Swap Calculator

MelBar EuroSwiss 1.85 Expert Advisor MelBar EuroSwiss 1.85 Expert Advisor

The MelBar™ EuroSwiss 1.85x 2Y™ Expert Advisor is a specific purpose profit-scalping tool which success depends on your understanding of its underlying strategy and your ability to configure it. Backtest results using historical data from 6 February 2018 15:00 to 19 February 2020 00:00 for the EUR/CHF (M30) currency pair proves very highly profitable. Initial Deposit : US$500 Investment returns : US$1426.20 Net Profit : US$926.20 ROI : 185.24% Annualized ROI : 67.16% Investment Length : 2 years 14 days (2.04 years) Visit these websites :

MelBar Take 325 Percent 5.5 Years NZD-USD MelBar Take 325 Percent 5.5 Years NZD-USD

NZD/USD (M30). Historical Data 18 September 2014 to 18 February 2020. Initial Deposit of US$500 acquires a Profit of US$1625.40 or Profit Return of 225% after 5½ Years. Result : Investment Gain $1,125.40 ROI 225.08% Annualized ROI 24.30% Investment Length 5.42 years MQ5 Software Program Attached. Visit these websites :

Trade Statistics Report Real Time Trade Statistics Report Real Time

This will display the Account Trading Report for real trade.

Reflex Reflex

Reflex indicator (based on February 2020 TASC article by John Ehlers)