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Correlation market state - indicator for MetaTrader 5

Mladen Rakic

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2020.06.03 16:31

General description :

In his June 2020 TASC article "Correlation as a cycle indicator" John Ehlers describes one possible way to determine trend in the markets
His article describes 3 possible ways of determining the trend and here we shall post all the 3 possible ways 

This version :

  • this version is showing the "market state" part of the correlation calculation
    Correlation phasor Correlation phasor

    Correlation phasor

    Correlation angle Correlation angle

    Correlation angle

    Basket Closer Profit/Loss Basket Closer Profit/Loss

    Basket Closer Type EA.

    WaveMTF MT5 WaveMTF MT5

    Indicator WaveMTF Bull and Bear System with Signal and Alert for MetaTrader 5 with options to display signal on the chart.