Nick Rypock Trailing Reverse, Asctrend System, HowTo Trade and Free to Downloads

Nick Rypock Trailing Reverse, Asctrend System, HowTo Trade and Free to Downloads

2 March 2015, 21:11
Sergey Golubev
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Many traders know NRTR indicator and some of us are using it in our trading systems.

What is NRTR? if I am not mistaken -  NRTR is Nick Rypock Trailing Reverse) and the theory behind it is the following (see image):

This Nick Rypock concept was invented in 2001 by Konstantin Kopyrkin ... we can read 'Nick Rypock' from back to front and we will receive ... the family name of the author of this concept :) By the way, he invented NRMA (Nick Rypoсk Moving Average).

But who was the person which invented it before Konstantin Kopyrkin? Good question. It was invented by R.Colby and T.Meyers 

Who invented it before R.Colby and T.Meyers? No idea sorry :) But it is really great concept and great indicator with many versions. One of the version is presented in Codebase here.

This indicator became a famous one many years ago when the traders and coders were using it with ASCTREND trading system - this is example of original template with this indicator (indicators are attached):

How to trade this system?

The dots are Asctrend indicator, and the lines are NRTR indicator. The rules are simple ones: open the trade according to the color of the dot filtered by NRTR indicator.

Example, if we see blue dot so we can look at the color of NRTR line: if NRTYR line is in blue color too so we can open buy trade (blue color for buy trade, and red color for sell trade).

Asctrend is very well-known and well developed trading system for MT4 and MT5. Please find some links related to this system for MT5:


The Theory.

Manual Trading statements
Second version of this manual trading system and for now - asctrend indicator together with NRTR indicator

First version of AsctrendND EA.
Next version of AsctrendND EA (verion 1.02) with TrendStrength filter added.

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