Trading Systems Based on Signal Indicators - page 13

Sergey Golubev  

This is results for backtesting for EURUSD M15 timeframe, for one year. This is the settings with 2 indicators as the filters: NRTR Color Line and TrendStrength.

Set file and backtesting results are attached.




This is the settings for EURUSD M15 with max Sharpe ratio (set file is attached).

Seems - it is the best settings for EURUSD M15.


 This seems like the best settings still, right?

Sergey Golubev  

This settings? - this is for the first version of the EA. yes, it is good settings.

For the second EA's version - this settings is good:

I will continue optimizing and backtesting the secobnd version of the EA and summarize everything in one or two posts (just to find any settings or version in easy way). 

Sergey Golubev  

If someone like to trade this system manually (as a first version without TrendStrength indicator for example) - here go you:


Template and howto installed - read this thread from the beginning. 

Sergey Golubev  

This is the other example about how to trade asctrend system manually:


Sergey Golubev  

As I explained on this thread - re-enter is the term and I did not invent it. Itw as invented many years ago together with old asctrend system. We can see from this chart for example - how many re-enter? 5 re-enter and 1 main trade = 6 trades totally and all of them are profitable ones.

Chart EURUSD, H4 — MetaQuotes Software Corp., MetaTrader 5, Demo, 2013.03.14

Chart EURUSD, H4, 2013.03.14, MetaQuotes Software Corp., MetaTrader 5, Demo


Some people asked on the other forum - how is it possible: 1,000 pips for one day, or 3,000 pips for one day? :) because of re-enter. But we should be very carefully with margins if we are openning many trades on same direction for example.