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Sergey Golubev  

And just a reminder about what we are doing here.

The thread is about signal systems (asctrend, breanwashing, braintrading etc). We did our first research about asctrend, traded it manually and after that - EA was created for it. So, for now - I am optimizing and backtesting just to find good settings to use this EA with small deposit size (I will not deposit big money to the broker sorry :) ).

EA with indicator can be downloaded from this post. Author is angevoyageur (many thanks to him).

As the traders are asking about how to install EA to work so it is just small instruction about how I am doing it (it may be done by different ways):

  • Download EA and 2 indicators from this post
  • Place indicators (asctrend indicator and NRTR Color Line indicator) to indicators' folder (for example, to C:\Program Files\MetaTrader 5\MQL5\Indicators )
  • Place EA (from this post) to experts folder (for example, to C:\Program Files\MetaTrader 5 -scalping\MQL5\Experts ) 
  • Compile indicators and EA in MetaEditor, or restart Metatrader

Sergey Golubev  
I will try to optimize asctrend with NRTR indicator all together just to get good results for Sharpe ratio (to receive the settings for small deposit size with small drawdown). I will upload the results here.
Sergey Golubev  

This is optimization results of this EA with EURUSD M15 timeframe

  • since 2012.03.08 to 2013.03.08
  • fixed lot size (0.1)
  • trailing stop in pips: 15/5/95
  • Asctrend risk 3/1/21
  • Use Asctrend signal value as stoploss: true or false
  • ATR Period: 9/1/25 

Results are attached in zip archive. 

Most good settings (we canselect it using excel file which is inside attached zip archive) are having profit factor 17.75; Sharpe ratio is 1.04; drawdown is 16 (for 2K initial deposit using fixed lot size 0.1.


set file (which was used for optimization) is attached to zip archive too (in case someone wants to continue or to correct this settings for example) 


Sergey Golubev  

This is the settings for EURUSD M15 with max Sharpe ratio (set file is attached).

Seems - it is the best settings for EURUSD M15.






Sergey Golubev  

Well. This is the other settings which may be some preliminary settings for martingale version. I mean: if the price is going against us to [...] pips so EA is openning additional trade on the same direction. We can see on the images that it is easy possible to do.



 if we can see on this backtesting results so we can understand this idea. For example, price is going on against us for 20 pips (or 40 - optional), and we are openning the next trade on the same direction. let's say - it will be our 'money management' :) In this case - we will care about margins only. 


Alain Verleyen  

Hi angevoyageur ,

Do you know what I understand? We need additional indicator as a filter. WPR for example. It was not converted to MT5 (WPR fast and WPR slow for example). I will try to make an entry on Job service about it.

Just a question: are you articipating in Job for mql5? 

WPR is already used by Asctrend indicator, are you sure that is right choice ?

I have not yet participate in Job, but I can. I just started looking at how it worked today.

So if you thing WPR is needed, this is a job I can take :-)