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Sia smart averaging with zone recovery

Hello, this is my best expert. This expert contains two general part, first part is take position and second part is manage the position.One of the good things about this EA is that it allows you to open a order both manually and automatically and EA manage that position.(Autoposition in Expert Options)
-The automatic operation for open order is based on signal of the indicators (EMA & BB)
-Position management :
The most important part of this EA is related to the management of positions and contains three part,
first part is a manual trailing stop, this feature allows you to change your stoploss from SL1 to SL2(modify in EO) if profit is bigger than tp2. EA allows you to change your stoploss only for five times.
Second part is Averaging, averaging is a technique to minimize unwanted risk by opening another position with the same direction at different price level. . You can negatively or positively average . in this EA we used Negative average; this is where you add to your trade when it is going against you “OFFSIDE” so you sell more at a higher price or buy more at a lower price. Positions are closed when the amount of profit has reached a certain limit.You can open up another 24 orders.In this EA you can choose how many times this feature is used. Then, if positions are still open and they are not reached, we will go to the third stage.
Third part is zone recovery. Zone recovery is a  technique about openening a position unlike the previous position with more volume.
-Money management:
In the money management section, you can calculate the volume based on your balance. For example if risk(EO) = 2000 , it means 0.01 lot for each 2000 $ in your balance. You can set max_los_closeall(EO) to X $, so whenever you lose that amount, all positions are closed. One of the great things about this EA is that it allows you to open your position on your own strategy and manage it by this EA.

if Autoposition = true

           Recommended :   pairs : sideway.   Time frame : 5m.  Deposit : not important

-autoposition : if false you can open order with your strategy and manage it by this EA.
-Periodbb : period of bollinger bands
-deviations : deviations of bollinger bands
-ast_ma and slow_ma : moving average
-method : 0=simple 1=exponential ….
-twbackcandle : ifconditions were met until x candle back.
-av_number : how many open positions for averaging part.
-startlot : first position size
-Zariblot : increase size with this factor
-gridpip : next position in this distance
-zaribgrid :  increase grid with this factor
-Take profit : takeprofit for each 0.01 lot order
-tpi and modifyi : if profit bigger that tpi, stoploss will be modifyi
-management : if management is true, volume calculate automatically by risk and max_lot
-risk: 0.01 lot volume for each x in balance.
Balance = 3000 $ , risk = 400 , lot = ? --àlot = 0.07
-max_los_closeall : if profit less than that, all positions are closed.
-zone : distance of between last averaging positions and first zone recovery position.
-tp : take profit of first position
-sl : tp + zone
-sud : more profit
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