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Make me money

Make me Money is an MQL5 Expert advisor that is designed to let you enjoy your free time, while the EA trades for you.

Make your first step towards making money while you sleep and buy Make me Money EA if you find yourself in the situation of:

  • having limited capital? no problem, see the attached screenshot:
  1. starting from 100$ to 221$ in the first 6 months of 2020
  2. only traded with minimum volume of 0.01 lots
  3. profit more than doubled during the volatile covid-19 months
  • having a balance of several thousand usd/euro? even better:
  1. you'll be able to trade with higher volumes, increasing the net return
  2. you can still play on the safe side
  • wanting to be a 100% Expert Advisor trader, which would bring you key advantages such as:
  1. you'll have consistency in trading, thus enabling you to benefit from predictable returns over medium term
  2. if you plan to stay in the Forex Market for years to come, this EA will suit your need perfectly
  3. If you don't feel confident in the beginning on leaving an EA to handle your capital, simply set the volume to a level of which you're comfortable with. even 0.01 lots is perfectly sufficient for this EA

last few advices:

  1. Make sure to have have Automatic Trading enabled and run the EA
  2. Use it for currency pairs, commodities, stocks.
  3. Set the timeframe to your like, and let the EA trade. The EA will trade using the timeframe chosen in the parameter section, or dynamically changed in the MT5 platform.
  4. If you encounter any problem with the EA, write me on chat. As you are my client, it is my duty to provide you with support, and even add new features (which dependent on complexity may or may not add to the future price of the EA).
  5. From personal experience, I recommend trading Forex currencies as the market is open most of the time, unlike DAX, or NASDAQ stocks, and depending on your broker you will experience higher spreads and latencies.
  6. If you set up your EA with a different configuration that the one in the description, the following are advised:
  • on your account, use the same configuration for which you obtained the best results in the strategy tester
  • trust your results, and let the EA trade, it will behave in the same manner as it did in the strategy testing
  • last but not least, don't change your parameters (pair, stops, timeframe) before re-running them in the strategy tester. It is often that users obtain great results with a set of parameters, then decide to do completely opposite when it comes to the real trading

Great results were obtained in 6 months for EUR/USD pair starting with 100$ and using minimum volume, with the following parameters:

pair: EUR/USD

volume: 0.01 lots

take profit:310

stop loss: 400

trailing value: 240

timeframe: 1h

positive disclaimer:

"starting from 100$ to 221$ in the first 6 months of 2020" is backed by a trades list. if you need to take a look on the trade list, I will send it to you via MQL chat, or via email. The trades list is available only for clients that purchase the unlimited EA.

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