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NeuralBot Pro

NeuralBot Pro

Hi :)

Before asking yourself if NeuralBot Pro is the expert advisor to suit your needs, buy it if you find yourself among the following:

- you are in the Forex market for the medium and long term (at least 1 year)

- you are looking for balance growth on a yearly basis

- expect on demand customer support (and for that, don't hesitate write me for more details about the EA, or if you need sets file, I will respond asap)

- you are looking for an honest EA with honest backtesting results

This EA is historically proven to:

Consistent over 70% win rate regardless the market condition

works with with any account, even with accounts with initial balance of 100$

Optimal settings in screenshots section

NeuralBot Pro is an experimental Expert Advisor employing AI in the form of deep neural networks instead of relying inefective indicators.

This EA has ingrained the tick by tick historical data over the past two years along with a neural network adequate to ensure profitable trades even in volatile market conditions.

Ths EA is highly recommended to be used on the mainstream pairs: EUR/USD, USD/JPY, EUR/JPY, GBP/USD, EUR/GBP.

The complexity of the neural network on which this Expert Advisor relies on is responsible for making buy/sell trades.

As user, the following parameters can be modified:

Timeframe: H1 is highly recommended, as the AI software is trained on H1

Volume: It has a fixed amount with default value set to 0.01

Trailing stop: It is designed for securing profits and limiting losses. The minimum value is 40 pips. The default value is configured maximal profits. 

Take_profit: It sets the take profit target in number of pips. The default value is configured for maximal profits.

Stop_loss: It sets the stop loss target in number of pips. The default value is configured for maximal profits

Disclaimer: changing the EA's parameters with the exception of volume can increase or decrease the performance of the EA. The default parameters are by default tuned to achieve maximal profitability.

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