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Urban Scalper

Urban Scalper (hybrid)

is a hybrid fully automated scalping indicator-free multicurrency trading system that uses mathematical and technical analysis of market movement to find entry points and the last decision to enter or exit the market is always behind SAI (scalping artificial intelligence).

SAI bases its analysis on the rate of price movement relative to past periods and the search for scalping local extremes. Always a short StopLoss to minimize risks and drawdowns and a large enough profit factor that allows you to extract large profits from one order with minimal risks.

Features Urban Scalper (hybrid):

TimeFrame M1
- Specially designed SAI system (scalping artificial intelligence) for Urban Scalper
- Short StopLoss, which will prevent any drawdowns and minimize losses. Basically, the maximum drawdown on one currency pair at a conservative setting of 0.9 - 4.8%
- the basis is mathematical and technical analysis, which is regulated by SAI, and not indicators, which, as correctly, shows only the past of the market. Urban Scalper takes a look at the future of the market.
- does not use risky methods (grid, martingale). Urban Scalper opens only single orders
- the minimum number of transparently understandable user-configurable parameters, which is very important and loved by all users. Basic parameters are calculated by SAI automatically within Urban Scalper
- simplicity and reliability in use
- protection against high spread and slippage
- the system has no analogues on the market
- an opportunity to start trading with deposits of only 30 units of currency due to the conservativeness of the Urban Skalper system

- timely optimizations and updates

- due to its flexibility and versatility, trading is possible not on a 1-2 currency pair or only at night, like most scalpers, and trading is possible on many currency pairs and 24 hours a day


- ECN - Low Spread Accounts
- Be sure to check the Urban Scalper on the Demo Account in your broker's terms for the conditions offered by the broker with recommendations for using Urban Scalper. You can always change the broker, their choice is large enough.
- using the VPS server to improve the speed of information exchange of the terminal with broker quotes, which will significantly reduce slippage
- the use of a deposit of 100 units of currency, although the minimum possible total of 30 units

If you have any questions, be sure to write me a private message. So it will be easier to provide the most prompt support based on the history of correspondence.

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Версия 1.2 2019.07.07

- Changed the algorithms of the pending order and stop-loss algorithms
- Expanded possible spread for profit
- Increased profit factor
- Simplified and modified custom settings
Версия 1.1 2019.07.02

The order movement algorithm has been slightly modified.